I was desperate to get engaged before 30 so I bought my own ring and made my man propose on holiday… I said yes

WAITING for your boyfriend to pop the question isn't anybody's idea of fun – but hey, it's 2022. Who says us ladies can't take the lead?

So with this in mind, TikTok user Riley decided she wouldn't let her partner's laid-back approach impact the strict timeline she'd envisioned for herself.

After waiting long enough for him to propose, Riley decided to take matters into her own hands… well, kind of.

In a viral TikTok that's racked up over 1.5 MILLION views, the bride-to-be claimed she planned her perfect proposal – before handing the reigns back to her partner.

She wrote: "I have always wanted to get married before I turn 30.

"So I took my boyfriend on vacation, bought my dream ring for myself, and made him propose."


The video opens with the couple happily lounging on the balcony of their hotel room.

After taking in the stunning sea view, Riley then handed him the ring and her partner then got down on one knee.

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She captioned the clip: "I SAID YES."

Needless to say, the clip sparked heated debate in the comments.

"The feminine urge to take matters into your hands and act surprised it turned out the way you wanted," one replied. "Congratulations!"

Speaking from experience, another added: "I picked out my own ring and told my now husband how I wanted to be proposed to and we’re happily married three years."

A third wrote: "Absolutely iconic!"

A fourth said: "Then hand him the bill for the ring…"

That said, others questioned if it was all a practical joke.

After others criticised Riley, one supporter said: "Do y’all really think he wasn’t in on it?!"

"This has to be satire," another added.

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