I was on a dating show and almost married a 70-year-old – thankfully I came to my senses & dumped him on the wedding day | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she was on a dating show and almost got married to a man 46 years older than her.

However, Erica Moser, a 23-year-old influencer from the US explained that after dating 70-year-old millionaire Rick Sykes for a year and a half, she woke up on her wedding day and called the whole thing off. 

Erica and Rick starred in the 2021 series two of Marrying Millions, a TV series about couples where one person is extremely wealthy and the other is not.

But now, Erica has taken to social media to open up about her television romance and how she is glad she put the brakes on marrying Rick.

Posting online, Erica explained: “I almost married a 70-year-old on national TV and dumped him on our wedding day.

“I came to my senses.”

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Erica later noted: “We were very different.” 

Erica’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @erica35mm, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 466,500 views. 

Social media users and fans of Marrying Millions were eager to share their thoughts in the comments. 

One person said: “Honestly after watching that episode I had mad respect for you. Most women in your shoes would have still gone for it for the money.”

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Another added: “I was sad for him, he really cared for you but I get it.”

A third commented: “I was cheering you on to leave him all along. I’m so glad you did. Way to go for knowing your worth.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “Sis plz spill the tea” to which Erica replied “I wish.” 

At the same time, another user shared: “Aw I felt that you really loved him. I didn’t think at all you were after his money.”

To this, Erica replied: “I wasn’t, I don’t understand this lol, if I wanted his money I would have married him?”

Fans of the show asked: “Does he ever contact you?”, to which Erica simply confirmed “No.”  

Erica previously revealed to FOX that she met her multi-millionaire boyfriend on social media. 

She explained: "We just connected through Instagram. Neither one of us really knows how."

She then explained that the pair were "just kind of following each other for a year or so and just seeing each other's photos and liking whatever, and we never really talked." 

But then she explained that they organised to meet and the rest was history.

After Rick and Erica connected, he urged her to "come live with me on my yacht," which the gorgeous blonde initially thought was a "crazy thing to say to somebody that you don't even know." 

Eventually, she caved and moved out to Miami Beach to live on Rick's yacht.

However, on the reality show, it became clear that Erica’s dad wasn’t particularly keen on the fact that his daughter was going out with someone even older than him.

Erica explained: "I can't blame my dad for not being happy or being completely supportive.

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“It was definitely not his dream for his little baby girl to be dating someone older than him."

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