I wore my new bikini to the beach – I didn't realize getting it wet would be such an issue, I'm so embarrassed | The Sun

A BEACHGOER was in for a surprise after a dip in the sea.

And the TikToker is determined to never repeat the embarrassing mistake again.

"I will now be keeping my cover-up on for the rest of my life," said Julie (@princess._julie._).

The shock left her saying: "Oh my God."

The day did not go as planned as she covered her face with her hands in humiliation.

"When you didn't know your bikini was see-through once it got wet," she explained of her experience.

She also panicked just thinking about how much of her private parts were on view after the incident.

"Say yes if you did," she posed to those who might have gotten a sneak peek of what was underneath her soaked bikini.

It seemed that Julie wasn't the only one who didn't realize the havoc a little water could cause.

"This just happened to me yesterday and I’m so embarrassed. My sisters decided to tell me once I got home instead of while I was there," said one follower who could relate to her predicament.

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"Same," said yet another unsuspecting viewer.

Sticking true to her promise to cover up, she wore a white crochet frock over the blue two-piece.

One follower just had one question for the embarrassed beachgoer: "Where is your cover-up from?"

"I got it from Shein love," Julie replied.

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