I work at TGI Friday's & people always ask the same thing… and singing THAT birthday song is the most awkward thing ever

IT'S one of the staples at TGI Friday's – if you go there on your birthday, you know you're going to have to endure a very public rendition of Happy Birthday from the waiters.

But one woman who works at the eatery has complained that performing their upbeat version of the classic tune is "the most awkward thing ever".

Mia Gibbons posted on her TikTok page to share the "questions I always get asked because I work at TGI Friday's".

Another frequent query from customers in whether or not the restaurant's famous Jack Daniels sauce actually has the whiskey in it.

To which Mia answered: "Unfortunately not!"

"Do people ask to use your discount all the time?" is another question people ask Mia a lot.

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"Yep, all the time," she replied.

Staff members at TGI Friday's receive a 50% discount on food and drink for groups of up to four people.

And lastly, Mia is frequently asked: "Do you have to sing the birthday song?"

"Yep, it's the most awkward thing ever!" she answered.

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One person commented on Mia's video to ask: "do use still sing happy bday bc on my bday we went and they said they can’t."

And Mia replied: "Yep we do but we couldn’t cos of Covid atm."

In another video on TikTok, Mia revealed that when she first started working at TGI's, she only knew one person there.

But now, she's found a "friend who is annoying af and I love to wind her up".

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