I worked at Hooters while studying to be a scientist – people say I’m an icon and I rock both looks | The Sun

A FORMER Hooters waitress shared a video highlighting the strides she's made since leaving the company.

Her fans were stunned by the career glow-up, but equally impressed by her new look – one even gave her a new executive title.

Right now, Alicia Barber is a neuroscience PhD candidate at Dartmouth, with a passion for Alzheimer’s research.

But during her undergraduate studies, she worked at the famous "breastaraunt" chain to make money.

In a throwback post on TikTok, Barber shared pictures of her time at Hooters, which went viral with over 721k views.

"Get you a girl that can do both," she wrote in the video's description.

The first few seconds of the video showed Barber in the traditional orange-and-white Hooters uniform.

It was followed by a short video clip of the cheery server posing in the all-black ensemble also worn by employees.

Then, the video cut to scenes from Barber's academic career: she posed with her graduation cap, smiled while showing off a project, and focused on preparing lab specimens.

In some images, Barber wore a lab coat and safety goggles.

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Posing in a library, she wore a T-shirt that quoted Elle Woods from Legally Blonde: "What, like it's hard?" the top read.

If Barber's followers weren't already in love with her, the inside look at her well-rounded lifestyle definitely won them over.

"CEO of being smart and gorgeous," one said, bestowing her with a new title. Another called her "CEO of powerful beautiful women."

A person saw that Barber had attended University of Cambridge and had no choice but to stan. "Ugh, an icon," they wrote.

"Shout out to women in STEM!" said a person who preferred Barber's lab coat above all other outfits.

A few people even made flattering celebrity comparisons.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like a better version of Meghan Markle?" an admirer asked.

Despite stereotypes about Hooters staff, no one doubted Barber's qualifications for her career.

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"Oh, you're SMART smart," wrote an impressed fan.

And others praised her savvy financial planning, with one woman writing, "All I'm seeing is less student debt than everyone else."

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