I'm 15-stone & lads taunt me for having 'more rolls than Greggs' – when I say I'll tell their girlfriends they shut up

POSING in a bikini, Nicole McCurry twisted and turned, flashing a big smile and wiggling her hips. 

She thought she looked great – but when she posted the videos and pictures to her  252k-follower strong TikTok and Instagram pages people weren’t so keen. 

“You’ve got more rolls than Greggs,” taunted one man in the comments section. 

“You’re so fat you’ll be dead before you are 30,” added another.

“You’re promoting an unhealthy body image,” said another. 

“You need to go to the gym – you’re disgusting,” said a fourth. 


Meanwhile others were equally scathing, writing: “No way should a fat person wear a tight dress.”

“People are so mean,” Nicole, 24, from Glasgow, Scotland, said, explaining for every video she posted she was viciously fat-shamed – largely by men and many who had girlfriends. 

“I doubt their partners know that behind-the-scenes they are trolling me, a woman they have never met.”

But now Nicole has come up with a sneaky way to deter the trolls. 

“I look on the trolls’ pages and threaten to tell their girlfriends what they are really like,” she says. “To tell them what b******* they really are.

“Some of them switch really quickly and are really apologetic, but others call me a weirdo. I don’t care.

“I haven’t told any girlfriends yet but I would.”

Dancer Nicole has seen her influence on social media soar since she joined TikTok – then Musical.ly – in 2012. 

“I joined TikTok ages ago and love posing in swimwear and sexy outfits, flashing my body, which I am proud of and think is sexy, ” she said. “I was shocked when I started getting so many followers. It’s been good – some people are really nice and say I look beautiful at my size.

“But I’ve been hit with negative comment after negative comment too.

“People can be so horrible, it really breeds the best and worst.”

Nicole, who is a size 22 and weighs 15-stone, said the main perpetrators of mean comments were men. 

“Girls are so supportive,” she told Fabulous. “I’ve had private messages from them saying they’ve given me the confidence to wear bikinis to the beach. So it’s a shame that men feel the need to abuse me.

“I’ve even had people approach me in public. One man followed me around a nightclub in Glasgow shouting, ‘You’re the fat girl from TikTok.’” 

I look on the trolls’ pages and threaten to tell their girlfriends what they are really like. To tell them what b******* they really are.

Nicole said the cruel remarks used to upset her but now she “doesn’t care”.

“I’ve got high self-esteem now,” she said. “I’m in a happy relationship and am loved. 

“The trolls are the ones with the problem. 

“I’m not going to stop wearing tight clothes because I know it offends them.”

Nicole started piling on the weight after her dad Patrick, 49, died suddenly from a heart attack after being admitted to hospital with stomach problems when she was just 14.

“I wanted to help people afterwards and I did that by feeding them,” she said. “I would go to McDonalds and buy loads and just eat and eat, it soothed me.

“I was eating mountains of food and I didn’t stop.”

She stopped eating so much for a period of some months a few years ago and began going to the gym, but admitted it didn’t suit her. 

“I wasn’t happy,” she said. “I missed nice food and thought ‘why am I doing this?’ so I started eating what I loved again.”

Nicole said she would often skip breakfast and lunch, having huge carbohydrate-heavy meals for dinner. 

“I know people say I am promoting bad health but I don’t agree,” she said. “I am not unhealthy. I am happy and confident and that is the most important thing.

“I’m not that ‘fat girl from TikTok – on the contrary, I am healthy and inspiring people to l;ove their bodies at whatever size.”

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