I’m 51 but look a decade younger – I’m covered in tattoos, age is just a number | The Sun

A TIKTOKER is defying convention for a woman in her fifties.

She is covered in tattoos and relishes her age-defying appearance.

She is aged 51 but could pass for someone a decade younger.

You will find no concession to age-appropriate fashion in her wardrobe.

Lisa (@devondwellerbackup) is a popular TikToker with 321,000 followers.

Her platform is an unapologetic celebration of life in her fifties.

She is unafraid to embrace her curves and show them off.

In her post, she set followers a challenge: “How old do I look?”

She wore her flaxen hair short and and stylish.

Lisa rocked a black satin strappy top and on her bottom half she wore a pair of cream satin trousers.

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Her colorful tattoos were vibrant and on full display.

“Age is just a number but you look 41," was captioned across her video.

She was very happy with this: “Ten years younger I’ll take that," she said with a beaming smile.

Commenters loved her confidence and light-hearted approach.

“You are really perfect. I enjoy your satin content Miss Lisa,” said one person.

A second person thought she looked even younger: “No, you look 29-32.”

While a third considered her wonderful: “Gorgeous woman.”

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