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A MAKEUP expert has revealed the common mistakes that women make that age their faces.

Erica Taylor, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared a video where she explains how she's almost 46-years-old and has been in the beauty industry as a makeup trainer for over 25 years.

In the clip, she begins: "This is what I see often…this is from real life experience.

In fairness, I used the exact same foundation, concealer, primer and setting spray on each side so I just want to show you a few simple fixes that might make a big difference."

Covering up the right side of her face so only her left with the 'ageing' makeup is visible to the camera, Erica then explains: "Here, the brow is shorter, the liner is shorter.

If you cut your liner short, your eyes are going to look different – and it's thick.


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"My mascara is going out and here, I lined my lip within the lip line and all the way to the ends.

We were taught to suck in your face, contour, smile, blush on the apple."

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Erica then goes on to uncover the right-hand side of her face to show how small tweaks can make you look younger.

"If your eyebrow is longer, your eye is longer," she explains.

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Comparing it to the more ageing makeup on the left, she adds: "If your eyebrow goes down, your eye goes down."

She continues: "If your liner cuts short and is too thick, your eye cuts short. You want to elongate with a thin liner.

You don't have to do the lift, but make sure you get to the very end, versus this [the left side] that cuts your eye short.

Next, lifting your bronze above the cheek and your apple higher brings everything this way."

She then notes how the other side looks "more tired" in comparison.

Moving onto the lips, she explains that while she stayed within the lines and went all the way to the end on the left side of her face, on the right she went a little over, "cut it before the end" and "went a little under to lift."

She concludes: "Also, here [the 'ageing' side] I just did contour and didn't warm up. Here [the right side], I took the bronze and warmed it around the hairlines which gives us a more lit from within look.

"It's all things that make a big difference and very easy fixes."

The post has since garnered a whopping 3.3 million views and been flooded with grateful messages from women up and down the country.

"I thought the 1st side looked good, but when you showed the other side it looks a LOT younger," wrote one. "You must be very in demand as it's a great job."

A second praised: "What the…. I gasped because the sides look 20 years apart. Oh my god."

A third enthused: "I legit thought the first half was the side until you moved your hand. Holy sh** phenomenal."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Seen many of these videos, but this was the most simple and easy to replicate. My 41 year-old face thanks you."

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Another penned: "That's big difference. Thanks for showing us!!"

And one more added: "50 today. That’s the best birthday present ever. Fantastic!"

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