I’m a bridesmaid – I transformed my ‘frumpy’ dress hours before the wedding, it looks great but there’s a huge concern | The Sun

HOURS before her friend was set to get married, a bridesmaid put the finishing touches on her dress.

But even though the dress had looked gorgeous, TikTok commenters were critical of the amateur seamstress.

Brittney Gatehouse (@brittneyraetoday) reflected on her DIY project in a video on TikTok.

In the throwback post, she said she "completely reconstructed my bridesmaid dress days before the wedding."

She wasn't pleased with the "frumpy" silhouette, so she deconstructed the dress in its entirety.

Gatehouse started with a floor-length green velvet gown.

It had a flattering tie waist, but puffy, full-length sleeves and a heavy skirt.

To create a more modern look, Gatehouse took the dress apart and put it back together in a race against the clock.

"I was a little stressed," Gatehouse admitted.

But the final result was well worth the anxiety (and the wine Gatehouse guzzled).

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Her updated dress featured a mid-length skirt, cap sleeves, and a plunging neckline.

"This is amazing," one viewer wrote in the comments.

The fellow seamstress added: "It would have taken me two weeks to find matching thread after doubting myself ten times."

Another fan said the dress "was beautiful before, but after," it was deserving of heart-eye emojis.

Unfortunately, Gatehouse's project had its critics.

"I hope you had the bride’s permission," one person sniffed.

Others had worried about the bride's opinion, too.

"My thoughts exactly," a second commenter agreed.

One person warned Gatehouse that her alterations "made people sooo mad" online.

In a follow-up video, Gatehouse assured her followers that the bride approved of the changes.

Commenters crescendoed into an all-out battle, with some supporters accusing Gatehouse's critics of being "insecure."

A defender said Gatehouse's design looked like "a regular bridesmaid dress" and didn't warrant any fuss.

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Someone else explained all the bridesmaids' dresses were mismatched, so Gatehouse's redesign wasn't an attention-seeking move.

"If they were all the same dress then fair enough but they weren’t," the frustrated fan wrote. "People really need to chill out."

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