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ARE you interested in feeling as though you live a luxurious lifestyle?

There are several self-care tips you can follow that help you match fancier energy.

TikToker and budget expert Kelsey uploaded a video with five of the cheap things she uses that make her feel more expensive.

The first item she talks about is satin robes.

Kelsey says: “[It's nice] putting on your satin robe after a long day… Satin is a lot more affordable than silk. I love getting them in really girly colors.”

A pink robe from Shien costs $13.

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Next, Kelsey talks about silk eye masks for bedtime.

“Silk sleeping masks are actually pretty affordable because it’s less fabric. I sleep with mine every single night.

“It feels so nice on my face, and it makes me feel fancy!"

You can find silk eyes on Amazon for $9.99.

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After that, Kelsey talks about her using a face steamer.

She says: “I absolutely love these. You can get them from Walmart for around $25.

“Steamers have a lot of great benefits including opening up your pores. They can also open up your sinuses if you’re congested.”

Walmart's face steamer costs $28.70.

Kelsey mentions her water flosser as the next item she uses to feel expensive.

“When I tend to start flossing regularly, I get a superiority complex.

“I highly recommend getting a Waterpik because you’re just going to use it a lot more it’s way more convenient.”

Waterpiks cost $19.99 on Amazon.

Last but not least, Kelsey talks about using perfume as part of her daily routine.

She says: “I heard in middle school that Marilyn Monroe put on perfume every night before going to bed… so I started doing it.

“It makes me feel so good and sexy — highly recommend!”

The perfume pictured in Kelsey's video is an expensive bottle of Coco Chanel, but cheaper perfumes that also smell lovely are for sale at Bath & Body Works for $3.87.

Several people in Kelsey‘s comment section appreciate her tips about how to feel expensive on a budget.

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One person wrote: “Your page really help me embrace romanticizing my life, even though I’m not in the tax bracket I want to be in yet.”

“I love putting on a nice smelling perfume before bed. I feel like it puts me in a good state of mind and helps me associate scent with my good dreams,” someone else wrote.

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