I'm a catfish – I only glam up five days a year and am in a tracksuit the rest of the time, my bloke prefers me that way | The Sun

A SELF-CONFESSED catfish shared a series of photos of herself all glammed-up followed by how she usually looks around the house, and people were shocked by the difference.

Fellow TikTokers were blown away by influencer Megan Ashcraft and one person claimed she was doing "false advertising" because of the difference.

The vast majority of social media users were far kinder however, saying that she looked great regardless of her state of dress.

The TikToker showed a series of snaps of herself looking glowing with natural make-up, bronzed cheeks and perfectly preened hair.

She captioned the photos with: "What my boyfriend gets five days out of the year."

In the final frame she cut to a short clip of herself with her hair frizzy and pulled back into a messy low bun.

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She had no make-up on and was wearing a red and white tracksuit set.

Her unmade bed is also visible in the background to complete the laid back look.

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She joked: "What he gets every other day."

She posted the popular video with the caption: "Catfish but he still loves me and prefers me without all the makeup."

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People could not believe the transformation and the video quickly racked up hundreds of comments and more than 100k likes.

One person said: "I literally have to look at pictures of myself done up daily so I don't forget I'm not always like this."

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Another said: "I’ve learned that men really don’t care what we look like. I’m convinced we do hair and make up for other women."

While a third said: "Wow… but at home who doesn't looks comfortable."

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