I’m a cleaning expert – 5 common mistakes people make in their homes, some everyday items are often overlooked | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has shared the mistakes people regularly make when scrubbing their homes.

The professional also revealed the everyday household items that are often forgotten.

In her video, the TikTok user, who goes by Smol Products (@smolproducts), listed the everyday errors people make while cleaning their homes.

For her first tip, the cleaning fanatic recommended letting a cleaning product sit before wiping it up.

She explained: "If you’re wiping it up right away then you’re not letting the product do its job.

The expert advised her followers to let multi-purpose sprays sit "for at least a minute."

Next, she explained the importance of finding the perfect product to water balance while mopping.

"If your floors are ending up streaky it means the mop head has too much water on it and if the floors come out cloudy then you’ve put too much product in the bucket," she said.

For her next tip, she addressed a common issue when it comes to vacuuming.

"If you’re only vacuuming in one direction and not flipping and vacuuming the other direction afterward you aren’t getting deep enough into the carpet fibers," she told viewers.

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She explained that this mistake can prevent you from "picking everything up" while cleaning your floors.

The cleaning pro also shared an absolute must when it comes to dusting.

"Ensuring you’re dusting dirt and debris before wiping any surface is very important to ensure you aren’t just adding water to dirt and creating mud," she said.

Finally, she revealed a common oversight many people make when it comes to cleaning their homes.

She recommended: "Make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining your cleaning machines and rags properly, this can extend their lifetime."

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