I'm a cleaning pro and 9p hack is literally a dust magnet – rub it on every surface and they’ll be sparkling in seconds | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has blown people’s minds with her dusting hack – which costs just 9p a pop. 

Anna Louisa shared her “three dusting hacks you need to try” in a nifty TikTok video. 

According to the content creator, dryer sheets are “dust magnets”.

A dryer sheet is a small piece of fabric coated in lubricants and liquid softener to make your laundry smell and feel fresh when pulling it out of the tumble dryer.

The products eat sheet is coated in cause them to be semi-damp and therefore pick up dust more effectively. 

What’s more, dryer sheets are made to counteract static and leave behind a residue that prevents more dust from settling.

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“These are perfect for TVs, mirrors and ledges,” Anna said. 

If you’re fed up with dusting hard-to-reach areas like ceiling corners, dryer sheets can help with that too. 

Anna clipped one to her speed mop and ran it along the walls of her living room. 

She also recommended using a lint roller on lamp shades to gently remove dust from them. 

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People in the comments of her video took the dryer sheet hack one step further by using it on their toilet seats to pick up hair and dust from it. 

A pack of Lenor dryer sheets like the ones Anna used in her video costs £3.

With 34 sheets per box, the hack works out at less than 9p a pop. 

Fans of Anna flocked to the comments of her video to share that their “mind was blown”.

“I just did that with the mop and oh my God, the dirt,” one commented.

Anna replied it’s “mad” what the dryer sheets are able to pick up that a traditional duster wouldn’t. 

“The way that this is so much easier compared to when my mum forced us to use a bucket or bowl filled with hot water and rags to clean dust,” a second penned. 

“I use the dryer sheets after I put them through the dryer and they still catch a ton of dust,” a third weighed in. 

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