I'm a country girl… I love doing sexy dances on the farm but it can be risky | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl has been sending her fans wild by posting “sexy” dance routines on her farm.

TikToker Maisie Downes injected some fun into her day job as she attempted to perform a routine with her pal in a stable.

In the clip, the duo lined up in wellies and outdoor gear as they set off to wow followers online.

But things didn’t quite go to plan as Masie’s friend took a tumble – leaving her to freestyle on her own.

“Just us two bringing a vibe again,” she captioned the clip.

“You know how we do.”

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Users in the comments loved the goofy spoof as they praised the farmer for her comedic value.   

“That would absolutely be me,” one said referring to the akward fall.

“I did that, but with a cone the other day and fell,” said another.

“Here she is celeb,” a third fan added.

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While a four exclaimed: “You are absolutely gorgeous and so relatable.”

Maisie boasts a following of more than 200,000 and regularly posts about her glamorous life on the farm and ambitions for the future.

“If I’m not a MILF with a herd of highland cows, a dairy farm, and driving around in a pickup with my spaniels, then I don’t want it,” she joked in one clip while driving a tractor.   

“After all, I dream big.”

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