I’m a curvy girl – strangers say my clothes are too tight and I must be ‘confident’ to wear crop tops | The Sun

A CURVACIOUS woman is not allowing backhanded compliments to wreck her body image.

Carrie Sellers (@_carrie_sellers234) produces content on her TikTok that is all about self-affirmation and body positivity.

She must be doing something right for she has a massive following of over 98,000 and another 2.9 million likes.

“People get upset about me loving myself,” she asserts on her platform.

Like other plus-size women, she has to face a tirade of abuse about her weight.

Equally, she attracts well-meaning comments, that are d*mning in their praise, and she calls them out in her latest post.

Sitting on her bed, with beautifully made-up eyes, Carey starts to list the questions and observations she has to endure as a “curvy girl.”

First up: “You’re pretty for a big girl.”

Another is: “Why do you kids only wear tight clothes these days."

Next up: “I love that you have confidence in crop tops.”

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Then another all-time clanger: “I love my girls big.”

Rounding off this choice selection, while Carey continues to smile, is: “I can show you a good time baby.”

Her post has gone viral with over 573,000 likes and nearly 1500 comments.

Followers love her uncompromising stance.

“I’m so skinny I would do anything to be curvy!” wished one comment.

A genuine compliment from one: “Looks ravishing.”

Many could relate to her post: “I hate it when people say, omg, you’re so confident in the crop top. Just a backhanded compliment.”

Another said: “I got told I have a pretty face but I need to fix my body.”

“Perfect the way you are," reassured another.

“Pretty much sums up my life," surmised one.

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“I felt this. All you curvy girls are beautiful don’t let anyone tell iou otherwise," said this viewer.

Finally, Carey's experience is why this fan hides away: “This is why I wear baggy clothes half the time.”

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