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A DENTIST has shared her take on why people end up with unsightly yellow teeth – and there’s three things you need to stop doing right away.

Dr Surina Sehgal explained she knows that the habits are very common, but they’re leading to problems – but, luckily, they can easily be stopped. 

In the video posted to her social media account, the dentist lifted the lid on three techniques people think are helping that are actually detrimental. 

Dr Surina said in the clip shared to her TikTok profile @drsurinasehgal: “My name is Dr Surina and I’m a dentist and I’m going to tell you how to save your teeth.”

The professional then launched into the things to look out for – starting out with how you brush your teeth each morning and evening. 

Dr Surina revealed: “Number one is brushing your teeth too hard.

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“Using excessive pressure with your toothbrush can actually wear down your enamel.”

Continuing to highlight why this is a huge problem in the long-term Dr Surina said: “Now your enamel layer is very white, the layer underneath your enamel is called dentine and that’s very yellow in colour.

“So by using excessive force over time will wear down your enamel layer and expose that yellow dentine layer underneath making your teeth look yellower.”

Her next word of warning was to continue avoiding fizzy drinks.

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She continued: “These are the worst for your teeth because of their acidic nature.

“Again, it will cause enamel erosion and thinning, exposing that yellow layer of dentine underneath.”

Dr Surina also clarified that fizzy water is also acidic, and suggested limiting its consumption. 

She said: “But if you have to drink it, then drink through a straw.”

Using excessive pressure with your toothbrush can actually wear down your enamel

However, she said that the third rule was one that might surprise people .

Dr Surina concluded: “Number three is using a whitening toothpaste. Now this one may shock you.”

The dentist went on to say that’s because although it does fight stubborn stains on the teeth, it can have the opposite effect if used for a long period of time. 

The Dr explained: “Whitening toothpaste contains very small abrasive particles in them, which help to remove surface stain.

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“But over use of them can thin your enamel, exposing that dentine.” 

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