I’m a dog handler – I wish inexperienced owners would stop buying certain breeds, they'll become violent | The Sun

THE idea of having a four-legged furry companion is a bit different than having the responsibility of owning a dog.

One experienced handler expressed resentment toward inexperienced dog owners with certain breeds that often become violent.

Former show dog handler Willa posted a TikTok revealing nine dog breeds she believes new owners need to stop buying.

Not only are they dogs that require more attention, but they can get violent if they're not properly taken care of.

"I promise I know some of the most well-bred examples of these breeds and will still tell you not to get them," Willa says to preface the video.

She says it's especially worse if a dog owner is inexperienced and living in the city.

"Vizsla's are up first," Willa begins.

Since vizslas are a sporting breed, they need specific care and attention.

"It just means that they're smart, driven, high-energy, and they need structure exercise, and ideally some sort of job to do even if it's just a canine sport you do with them," Willa explains.

For someone working a full-time job and living in a small city apartment, it's harder to provide these dogs with the right "job."

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"These are not dogs that are meant to live in a city, so if you live in a city please don't get one," Willa warns viewers.

Next, she lumps Australian shepherds and heelers together.

Both breeds are known to try and herd humans and other dogs.

What starts as light nipping quickly turns into biting.

Willa believes: "These are really really really not a dog for someone who works a nine-to-five and someone who's young and in their twenties and has very little experience with dog ownership should get."

Pointers are similar to vizslas as they need a lot of exercise, which means a lot of space to run around, a job, and a ton of training.

These dogs are great for hunting, so if you don't leave the city to be in an open stretch of land often, Willa says you shouldn't own one.

While this may be a surprise, Willa explains that dalmatians are another breed.

"If you don't get them from a good breeder and socialize them well, they can be kind of nasty, and they're also prone to urinary issues," she conveys.

Willa continues: "German shepherds are working breeds; that is what they're happy doing. They're not going to be happy cooped up in your 700-square-foot apartment all day."

Dobermann's are next.

Again, these dogs need structure, training, socialization, and exercise.

"These are the kind of dogs that getting them is kind of like adopting a toddler," Willa says.

Additionally, she believes having huskies in this climate is "abusive."

"They're also very stubborn, which can make training really difficult and very, very loud," Willa explains.

Lastly, Willa adds golden doodles.

"Stop buying doodles. They are not purebred dogs. They are not going to be magically hypo-allergenic or free of behavioral issues because they have lab or golden in them," she says.

Some viewers were angered by Willa's opinions.

One husky owner pointed out: "As a husky owner in the south… she loves the summer and lovessss sun bathing. Saying it’s “abusive” is a STRETCH."

"Housing and jobs should not be a reason not to get a dog. I work a ‘9-5’ and have been in an apartment/townhome and commit 2+hrs throughout the day," another commenter added.

Yet other viewers agreed and threw in a couple more breeds they believe shouldn't be bought.

"Someone needs to add corgis to this mix. They’re lovely, but they need lots of exercise and a job or they can get aggressive," a woman noted.

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