I’m a female electrician – I look hot in my work outfit and fans love what I wear under my hi-viz jacket | The Sun

A FEMALE electrician has sent sparks flying with her work outfit – and fans love what she wears under her hi-viz jacket as well.

Teneisha Musumeci posted a video on TikTok of herself getting down and dirty building site while wielding a drill, circular saw and hammer.

In the footage, Teneisha can be seen cutting holes in the roof, digging and hitting lots of things.

All the while she’s wearing a yellow hi viz and protective boots complete with pink laces.

In another video she cheekily says “when you tell them you can handle a nine inch” before we see her with her saw.

Judging by the comments, fans have taken a something of shine to the Australian.


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One said “Miss girl I would hire you forever” while another wrote “get it girl and you looking amazing while doing it”.

“Easily the hottest sparky I’ve seen,” was a sentiment shared by many.

It comes as another female electrician revealed her dramatic transformation from her dirty work overalls to a bikini.

Charlotte Dawson, 19, often shares snippets of her life as an industrial electrician and also what she wears outside of working hours.

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During the day, she dons a high-vis jacket – which can be orange, pink or yellow – and a pair of work trousers.

But outside of working hours, Charlotte shows off her choice of more feminine outfits.

In one video, she puts on a daring display in a dark blue bikini.

Another woman shared a video hitting back at haters who said she's too hot to work as an electrician.

The hard-working woman shared a video showing off how great she looks while on the job and wearing dusty work attire.

And many viewers left comical remarks on her videos requesting her services along with other ways to grab her attention.

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