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AN electrician has left fans wondering how she manages to keep her overalls looking so clean.

The manual worker, known as Karly, had viewers stumped as they couldn’t understand how she never gets dusty.

In a TikTok clip, the electrician revealed that people had said: “Your clothes are way too clean to be a construction worker”.

Her black and white sweater and trousers didn’t have a mark on them despite completing tasks outdoors.

The clip then panned to a washer-dryer which showed the laundry spinning around on an hourly cycle.

Viewers were left surprised that Karly’s attire didn’t get dirty given her job as a sparky.

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One said: “I look like a crime scene some days, some things don’t wash off.”

Another chimed in: “I wish my work clothes would look like that after an hour later as a plumber. It would be full with (sic) glue already.”

And, a third skeptic, who didn’t appear to be convinced by Karly’s claims, said: “I’m an industrial electrician and I can tell you first hand. I get very dirty.”

A worker hit back, saying: “Bruh, I’ve got paint, silicone, asphalt emulsion, stuck on and burns/holes from welding splatter. 100+ washing cycles ain’t fixed it yet.”

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Karly admitted that sometimes her clothes can get dirty.

Stunned laborers said that it was a “skill” Karly was able to keep herself so clean.

Karly also claimed that she buys new clothes when her old overalls become old, leaving fans amazed that she can afford to purchase new gear.

One joked: “You must be rich. I’m still in clothes over a decade old.”

But, some critics were not impressed that Karly’s so-called secret involved the common household appliance.

Meanwhile, electrician Isabell McGuire stunned TikTokers with her work attire but left some curious fans to wonder if she feels uncomfortable while on site.

But, the sparky brushed away the speculation as she hinted that she’s proud of her trade.

Electrician Charlotte Dawson, from Australia, sent sparks flying after revealing her dramatic transformation from her work attire to a bikini.

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During the day, she sports a high-vis jacket – which can be orange, pink, or yellow – and a pair of work trousers.

But, after hours, she ditches the dusty overalls and switches into bikinis and tiny dresses.

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