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AS soon as autumn hits, it feels like our gardens are suddenly filled with leaves that need picking up left, right and centre.

But now an expert has revealed something that will no doubt be music to gardeners’ ears – you can just leave them. 

In fact, he said that it’s actually better to do so for two big reasons. 

That’s because not only does it take one job off of your growing to-do list, but it’s also great for the environment and wildlife.

Eric Michels, Head of Pro at CJ Wildlife, recently explained that while birds often begin to struggle to find food as winter approaches, 

 He said: “One of the best things you can do with fallen leaves is to leave them for wildlife!”

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Going into the reasoning behind this, he continued to The Huffington Post: “While some may consider fallen leaves a nuisance, they provide the perfect opportunity to give back to nature.

“And they create a habitat or food source for a wide variety of animals this autumn.”

But if you choose to follow this advice, what should you be doing with them instead?

Eric explained that you should gently rake and pile up some leaves in your outside space.

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He revealed: “Hibernating mammals, such as hedgehogs, frogs, or toads, will use leaf piles to create a nest where they will stay throughout winter, while insects and invertebrates will love the dark, damp nooks and crannies that it has to offer.

“In turn, this will encourage birds such as robins and sparrows to visit your garden to forage for worms and bugs in the leaf layer.”

However, the pro pointed out that there’s a specific area you should be looking to put your leaves. 

That location? Eric said it was best to “make sure it is located in a quiet corner of the garden where visitors can stay undisturbed throughout winter.”

While some may consider fallen leaves a nuisance, they provide the perfect opportunity to give back to nature

And there are ways to make it an even more inviting and safe place for wildlife throughout the season.

Eric suggested: “If you have any logs or fallen branches, place these next to [the] leaf pile to provide additional shelter and security.

“The two make a very appealing pair for visiting wildlife.”

In turn, other experts have shared how this will be hugely beneficial for your yard, as it can help make your garden grow.

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While Eric also said you can turn your leaves into compost if you’d rather go down that route.

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