I’m a gardening pro- this everyday cleaning product is the key to making your flowers live for longer

EVERYONE loves to receive flowers, but between forgetting to keep the vase full of water and not getting enough sunlight, they can wilt and die quicker than you'd like.

This surprising cleaning product can be used to increase the vibrant life of your next bouquet.

According to gardening pros the secret ingredient for fresh flowers is something you probably already have, household bleach.

Although it might seem like the worst thing you could possibly add to your flowers the experts say it's the key to vibrant flowers that last longer.

It's important not to add too much bleach to your flowers though, just one quarter of a teaspoon per litre of water in fact.

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Some green-fingered pros also suggest adding a teaspoon of sugar to the bleach for a even better effect.

The smart tip works because the bleach helps stop nasty germs multiplying in your vase, these germs block the flower's stems so they can't absorb enough water, but the added bleach kills them resulting in fresh and vibrant flowers.

The clever trick can also help stop your flower's water from going dull and cloudy,keeping them looking freshly picked for much longer.

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The added cleaning product gets rid of that awful odour that flowers have after they have been in a vase for too long as well.

The cheap and cheerful hack means you have no excuse not to pick up a bouquet next time you pop to the shops.

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