I’m a gym girl – I know I’ve hit my ‘dream physique’ because all my clothes look ‘inappropriate’ now | The Sun

A GYM-goer who worked hard to achieve her dream physique was left uneasy after noticing even her modest outfit may seem "inappropriate" to some.

Gym rat Tiana Destinee has taken her followers on her fitness journey and says her body has gotten to a point where any outfit looks revealing, even when her skin isn’t showing.

In one TikTok video, Tiana filmed herself in a gym locker room.

“You know you’ve hit your dream physique when you’re not showing skin but you still feel your outfit is inappropriate,” she wrote over the video.

Tiana was standing at an angle that displayed her side profile and her backside. 

She wore a pink fitted short-sleeve T-shirt and light grey leggings.

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Although she was covered up, the form-fitting workout wear defined Tiana’s small waist, toned and lifted butt, and muscular thighs.

After taking a sip of her drink, she looked back at the camera and slightly posed, smiling over her new physique. 

“Idk how to feel about it lol,” she wrote in the caption.

People flooded the comments section with praise for Tiana, calling her “beautiful” and “perfection.”

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“You look amazing in them,” someone wrote of her toned body and gym clothes, while another echoed: “You should be very proud of yourself.”

Someone also commented: “You are JUST FINE. Appropriate is a misused term, don't let ignorance dictate how you dress and live your life.”

Tiana was grateful for all of the support, writing: “THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE SWEET COMMENTS.”

After her TikTok video blew up, Tiana gained more followers, reaching 2.5 million.

In a follow-up video, she celebrated the milestone and thanked her followers, writing: “Thank you for being my family and supporting me for the last year and a half!”

Here she wore an even more covered-up look, but it still accentuated her fit body.

She wore a similar pair of tight lavender leggings, but this time she wore a black loose cropped turtleneck sweater.

People continued to call her "cute," "beautiful," and "gorgeous."

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