I’m a home stylist, everyone makes the same mistake when they’re decorating and it’s why your house looks cheap

A HOME stylist has revealed the mistake many people make that makes their home look cheap.

Julie Sousa, from Boston, revealed the size of your wall art can affect whether your pad looks expensive or tacky.

In a TikTok video on her @the_avantgarde account, she showed off some small wall prints and said: “Want to make your home look expensive?

“Then don’t have artwork that looks like this…”

She shared her savvy hack for knowing the correct size of art.

Julie explained: “ You are going to want to measure the length and width of your wall.

“Next you are going to multiply each one of those by 0.60 and 0.75 to get the appropriate range for your artwork.”

So for a wall that measures 9ft by 8ft, she explained that the art should range from a width of 57.6in to 72in and the height should be between 64.8in and 81in.

In the “expensive” end result, Julie showed her stairs featuring a large dark art piece which looked very stylish.

Many people were impressed with the hack, with one saying: “Okay I need specific instructions like this!! Thank you!!”

Another added: “OKAY BUT LIKE WHY DIDNT THEY TEACH ME THAT IN SCHOOL? Interior Design major here.”

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