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NUMEROUS women have taken to social media to express outrage over the new Hooters uniform shorts that look like underwear.

The women shared their vast opinions in clever ways, raising awareness about how uncomfortable they feel wearing the minimal-coverage garment in public.

The controversy surrounding the new Hooters uniform shorts became a popular topic on TikTok after many waitresses at the establishment quit their jobs or tossed around the notion of quitting.

In October 2021, Hooters corporate introduced a new policy, enforcing that all Hooters Girls must now wear the new skimpy shorts at work, which did not sit well with many women.

Many customers supposedly boycotted the company as well due to the uniform change.

The new shorts ride up high on their hips and exposes more of their butt cheeks that some say would resemble underwear if it were not for the tights also worn as part of the uniform.


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The former Hooters uniform shorts settled underneath a Hooters Girl's bottom half and didn't expose too much of their butt.

Now, the update has also caused online conversation over how the undergarment-like shorts wasn't the most comfortable for all body shapes and sizes.

In one video, TikTok user Autumn calls out the franchise for their new addition that had some unexpected results.

The subtitle on the video reads "all right so we all know why half the hooters girls want to quit" as she holds up a pair of the old Hooters shorts.

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She then picks up a pair of new shorts, where the stark difference in butt coverage is apparent.

The words "and it's because of the new shorts" appears overhead.

Autumn's dialogue continues as she then moves to pick up a pair of longer black Hooters shorts as the words on the screen read "we don't know why"and " i do, it's because of the new shorts."

Though the phrase "we can't really blame it on the new shorts" appears.

It only lasts a moment before being rhetorically replied to when the subtitle" uh I can & I blame the new shorts" appears as she holds up a pair of the new black underwear shorts.

Thankfully, Autumn's qualms were heard because in a later TikTok video she informed viewers that the CEO of Hooters contacted her saying that waitresses can wear the old shorts again following her viral content.

The Hooter Girl's video is just one in a series of outcries about their unhappiness concerning the uniform style change.

Another Hooters Girl Gracie Herrick also shared a TikTok video voicing her disapproval of the outfit change and expressing a desire to quit working for the food service company.

Waitress Sabrina Prince also made her thoughts known in a humorous TikTok video that made an ode to the Kardashians. H

Appropriately subtitled "Me when my coworker decides to wear the old uniform shorts", the video showcases the visible differences between the old and new uniform items.

Kris Jenner's voiceover tease of calling Khloe Kardashian conservative for not wearing a thong bikini plays behind them.

One young woman expressed her excitement and then disappointment over the uniform change in another video aimed at the restaurant chain.

Captioned "Just when I thought our shorts couldn’t get any more skimpy", the now retired Hooters Girl imitates her experience receiving the new revealing shorts and her initial thoughts.

Viewers in the comment sections of the numerous videos made their confusion over the uniform decision apparent.

"Y'all saying there's barely a difference but you can clearly see the difference," one user commented.

"Unpopular opinion: let the staff choose which shorts they want to wear," another shared online.

"At this point just be a bottle girl at the strip club. 10x the money. Same amount of clothes," another added.

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