I'm a mum bored of seeing healthy toddler dinners – let's normalise giving our kids sausages, chips & beans for tea too

A MUM has urged people to start "normalising" giving kids fast food dinners, insisting she's tired of constantly seeing perfectly healthy meals being served to toddlers.

Sharing a video on TikTok of herself loading sausages, chips and baked beans onto her kid's plate, mum Kelsey Heward wrote: "Let’s normalise serving stuff like this to our toddlers, as well as the good stuff."

"Sometimes teas are like this," she captioned the clip.

Since posting the video, it's been watched more than 85,000 times, with viewers quick to praise Kelsey for her honesty.

"My lg (little girl) had scrambled eggs, beans and toast yesterday, it doesn’t always have to be gourmet," one person wrote.

To which Kelsey replied: "Exactly! I work Monday Tuesday Wednesday so them days I’m ready for bed at 6."

"Somedays they really don't want to eat the good stuff, they are just little versions of us," another person commented.

"Can't force 'em if they don't want it, fed is best."

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"Fish fingers and alphabet shapes here tonight, mama just had no energy left to do anything else," a third person wrote.

"we had similar to this tonight too. Beans are 1 of the 5 a day," another remarked, with Kelsey replying: "Exactly. he also has blueberries for after so it’s fine."

In a separate video, Kelsey shared herself making another dinner for her little boy, as she cooked rice with frozen peas and peppers.

She then added some passata, mixed herbs, before putting the rice mixture on top of a large mushroom and sprinkling on grated cheese.

Kelsey then popped the mushrooms into the air fryer, and served it along some slices of pepperoni.

"He wasn’t a fan of the mushrooms," she captioned the clip.

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