I'm a mum of 10 and our Amazon bill was nearly $7,000 this month… I buy everything from gloves to vitamins on there

AS any parent knows, having children is an expensive business.

But when you've got 10 kids – your monthly bill at websites such as Amazon can be as much as four figures.

Alicia Dougherty is a mum of 10, and regularly takes to TikTok to share an insight into life as a family of 12.

In one of her latest videos, she responded to someone who asked if she really spends "$1,000 a month on Amazon".

"How do I spend $1000 a month on Amazon for my family of 12?" she began.

"Actually I never figured it out before so let’s do it together."

Sharing her screen, she ran through the things she'd ordered in the month of January.

"There’s a lot of hats, mittens, coats, plus birthday presents, Dash’s eye patches, masks," she explained.

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"We got this cool ice maker. The kids’ probiotics and vitamins."

Showing a vast array of plaid shirts and colourful dresses, Alicia added: "I’m really into matching outfits for my family!"

And when it comes to occasions, the family matriarch really goes all out, as she proves while stocking up on things for Valentine's Day.

"Stuff to get ready for my Valentine’s Day waffle bar, plus $255 on Valentine’s for the kids for school," she continued.

Nappies and wipes, breakfast food and new linen for the children's bedrooms and bathrooms completed the month's haul.

"I went through and wrote down the total of each order, added it up and found out I spend more than $1,000 a month on Amazon," she said.

In fact, the total spent on Amazon in January was $6,770.03 – around £5,000.

"I was thinking that looked like a lot more than $1k," one person commented on the video.

"I do the same tho, I just order and don't add up how much I have actually spent."

"You make the money to spend it how you like," someone else insisted.

However, others were less than impressed with the display of wealth, with one writing: "That’s more than 3 months of my household income."

"Meanwhile me trying to figure out if I really need to spend $15 on a lunch bag for work," another added.

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