I'm a plus-size gym girl – I still wear a sports bra and short shorts, nobody else cares | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED girl has taken the hardest step ever in her journey to get fit and healthy.

Getting over the gym threshold may have been intimidating at first, but she has learned that she is actually not the focus of everyone’s attention.

That has come as a massive relief to TikToker ara.xrjourney (@araa.xr).

Her platform is a diary of her getting healthy and strong, but her latest post has gone viral.

It was during her gym sessions that she discovered no one was interested in her, her fitness regime – or even her wardrobe selections.

Instead, it was a revelation to hear that everyone was totally focused on their own program – and not hers.

“Doing it for myself,” she told her fans.

Her post had a phenomenal response with over 471,000 likes and over 10,000 comments and another 15,000 shares.

The unkind trolls in the comments section were drowned out by an outpouring of love and support for this young gym bunny.

At the gym and wearing a green crop top and shorts, she said: “Take my advice. Wear the sports bra and the shorts.”

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She felt liberated: “Everyone at the gym is focused on their own goals. The gym community doesn’t care what you wear," she asserted.

She beamed widely as she finished off with a bit of sassy attitude: “Wear the d*mn sports bra and the shorts.”

Comments to her post were full of support and admiration, and the trolls were taken down by her fans.

Good luck. I hope you’ll have the dream physique keep working hard,” was a comment typical of many.

“Go for it sis. Don’t listen to self-absorbed haters. I believe in you,” said another.

“Glad you’re changing yourself for the better, keep going," said one fan.

A fellow gymgoer said: “Gym guys and girls are the best community. They know what it's like to struggle and begin the journey. They’ve been in your position and respect it.”

“Keep progressing," were the encouraging words of another follower. "You are going to achieve a lot. Great mindset leads to great rewards.”

Finally, a word of admiration: “The fact that we get to see you in the gym working on yourself gives us infinite respect for you, no matter who you are or how you look, keep it up.”

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