I’m a pro cleaner – the common area of the home everyone forgets to scrub – it’s so gross… plus full of gunk and saliva | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the one item people never clean enough in their home. 

They revealed people often forget this common household item and it's often covered in gunk and saliva. 

Cleaning pros at @gocleanco made the revelation in a TikTok video online. 

The cleaning professionals revealed many people forget to clean their electric toothbrush chargers. 

They confessed in many houses they had cleaned electric toothbrush charges are always disgusting and slimy. 

They said: “One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how disgusting toothbrushes and toothbrush holders are in people's houses.”

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“Please clean them.”

In the video the cleaning fan uses an antibacterial spray and kitchen towel to clean a very dirty electric toilet brush charger.

They said: “Okay, so I think that this is just like the juices from your toothpaste and your saliva that run down and then gunk this up, cause they're filthy in everyone's houses.”

They added: “So just make sure you unplug it before you clean it.”

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The cleaning pro’s explained it was very easy to keep these clean. 

Give it a wipe off, it comes brand new, sparkling clean, every single time, and it takes absolutely zero effort.


"Raise your hand if your toothbrush holder is also a mess."

The cleaning fans' confessions racked up over 449,000 views online and people were horrified. 

One user said: “Whyyyy do they get so dirty! I hate it. I saw a hack to put a round makeup wipe on it which has helped but sometimes it sticks.”

Another said: “How do they get dirty?”

Many users were making their own suggestions with how they keep their toothbrushes clean. 

One user suggested: “You have to take the head off after each use and rinse the inside of it and the inside of the toothbrush. No gunk ever!”

Another said: “Take a small cosmetic cotton round and cut a hole in the centre. Pop it over top. Still charges and just has to swap out the round every so often.”

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But some viewers confessed they never cleaned them. 

One user said: “It does no harm being dirty so no reason to clean it.”

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