I'm a stay-at-home mum who was trolled for my fat belly – but now it makes me £10K per month and I love my body

A MUM who went viral joking about her fat belly online – now earns up to £10,000 per month eating on camera.

Antonia Graham, 25, from North-West England became a TikTok sensation in April last year when she posted a video revealing her stomach to the world.

In the clip – which amassed 7.6 million views – she clapped back at trolls who called her “fat” and proudly declared that she was actually “morbidly obese”.

One week later, Antonia went from being a stay-at-home mum to a “dream job” earning thousands eating McDonald’s, KFC and Dominos on OnlyFans.

The mum-of-three has amassed over 356k followers on TikTok with her body-positive videos where she embraces her weight.

She says eating on camera has taught her to love her body and friends struggle to believe her when she tells them about her envy-inducing job.

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Antonia says: “I struggled hugely with my weight up until last year, I was on yo-yo diets and I even did a five day water fast in the hope to lose some weight. I didn’t of course!

“But last year I had a video go viral, it was just me making a joke about my weight and it reached millions of people.

“Along with the floods of hateful mostly men and women were thousands of comments from women that looked exactly like me and had found peace in my video and the fact they were not alone with the way they looked.

“In the comments, someone also suggested I should check out eating on camera and from there, I was sucked into the world of feederism. I started eating for a living around about one week after that viral video.”

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Antonia now only works two days per week and says her video requests are not normally explicit.

She continues: “Most of the requests I get are PG rated, barely any rude content is requested at all because my customers are not like ordinary men. They want to see you eat and grow and gain weight.

“I eat mostly fast food like McDonald’s and KFC and usually enough to feed a family in one sitting.

“I eat around 3,000 calories in a meal and it definitely puts a strain on the body.

“I have been asked to eat three large dominoes pizza in one sitting before! I had to decline as even I have a stopping point!

“I charge £10 per minute for a custom video and I only work Mondays and Fridays but I do have the luxury of skipping often. As I only work as and when I need money I earn below £10k a month, whereas some people in the business earn over £30k a month.”

Although this seems like the “dream job”, Antonia says consuming so much has put a strain on her body.

Antonia – who is passionate about making the world a better place for the plus-sized community – says, “While it is the “dream job”, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody if they were just doing it for the money. 

“There is a huge fetish community tucked away and they can spot a fake a mile away.

“Unfortunately the job does put a massive strain on your body too.

“I have probably spent thousands of pounds on food to stretch out my stomach enough for this job. You really need to push yourself to the limit.

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“This job did help me find self-love and acceptance of my body but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows because money isn’t my life long goal.

“I do enjoy my job a lot but it’s not something I plan to do forever. But I am so happy to have built a name for myself within this community and everybody is so kind and sweet.”

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