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FANS of TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras will no doubt recognise American beauty Isabella Barrett. 

At the age of five, Isabella – or Bella to her friends – shot to fame as the star of the US reality TV series, which followed sequin-glad little girls and their mums in their bid to win coveted beauty pageants.

After taking off her tiara, Bella unveiled her own jewellery line called Glitzy Girl and became one of the youngest self-made millionaires in America. 

Now 17, she has 55 pageant crowns and 85 titles to her name. But that’s not all.

The teen entrepreneur earns millions of dollars each year through modelling and top brand endorsements, as well as her successful clothing and lifestyle brand, House of Barretti.

Isabella showed off her latest collection at New York Fashion week in February, and boasts over 1.5million followers on social media who gush over her worldwide adventures and dazzling catwalk designs. 

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On average, she earns at least $10,000 a month. But during fashion week, she’ll earn $30,000 in just seven days. 

There’s not a moment of the day this talented teen isn’t thinking about work.

Here, she tells Fabulous all about her fashion empire and how she spends her hard-earned cash…

“People have no idea how hard I work. It’s a tough job as I’ve got four websites – House of Barretti, NYFW Merch, Bella Barretti and Bella Barrett.

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Last time I checked my net worth was several million dollars, but my mum says I’m priceless. 

Most days I’ll pay $350 to get my make-up done ready for online meetings or any content I have to film. I have two favourite make-up artists – one in New York and one in LA.

One of the first things I do is run errands. In LA I like to drive my sports cars and in New York I have my own driver.

On a regular day you’ll find me directing my own photoshoots and shopping for fabulous fabrics and trims to use on my designs. 

I shell out a fortune creating my fashion week collections – about $20,000 on fabric plus $10,000 on tailoring – and plenty of celebrities wear my designs. 

Singer Pink’s daughter wore one of my dresses to the CMA Awards – she looked so pretty. But that’s not all – stars of MTV and reality show Dance Moms are always wearing my clothes on TV.

Last time I checked my net worth was several million dollars, but my mum says I’m priceless

People always ask how I feel about being thrust into the spotlight as a toddler. To me, it’s completely normal and I have so many friends in the industry, I don’t know any different. 

I love to spend money to make more money and I like to treat myself too, but I have to be sensible and not blow cash on silly things.

I’ve got a $20,000 jet ski and I love my sneaker collection, which is worth about $100,000.

As a fashion designer I own an obscene amount of clothing. I have whole rooms in my properties filled with clothes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Chanel is my absolute favourite – I’m obsessed with their suits. They inspired my clothing company House of Barretti. 

Then there’s my handbag collection, which must be worth at least $100,000. I have tons of Louis Vuitton pieces, but Gucci is my number one designer. 

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What I don’t have is a boyfriend…yet. I’m really careful about guys dating me for my money. I’m wary of their intentions and want someone who’ll look past my money and good looks, and see my great personality instead.  

When I get some downtime, one of my favourite things to do is fly to New York in a helicopter. It’s so cool seeing the city from the sky. 

If I’m not in Manhattan, I’ll be at my other home in Los Angeles – I spend 15 days a month there.

I live an amazing life and love jetting off whenever and wherever I want but I work super hard to do it and I get very tired.

Lately I’ve been treating myself to IV therapy, which keeps me feeling strong and healthy. I visit a Beverly Hills doctor on Rodeo Drive and each visit costs up to $1,000. 

I know trolls must think I’m selfish for enjoying a lavish lifestyle in a global cost of living crisis, but I don’t take my luxuries for granted. I have a big heart and I’m always supporting charities in any way I can.

I don’t have the perfect life, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone so far

I used to get upset by trolls who’d call me names and say my success wasn’t fair. They still treat me like I’m 10 years old, which is really annoying as I’m no kid – I’m almost 18. 

The worst slurs I get are ‘why so much make-up’ or ‘stop the fake tan’, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. What can people say? I’m young and successful and I’ve done it all by myself.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My dad’s a successful business owner and my mum became a millionaire with her company Park Avenue Puppies. She gave up so much to travel with me and chase my dreams.

When I’m home in Rhode Island I’m treated just like everyone else. I do the dishes, pick up my clothes and help around the house like any other kid would. 

I try to always be kind and take the time to talk to all my models and staff. I really care about the people in my life. I’d rather spend money on making other people happy.

I don’t have the perfect life, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone so far. 

My biggest piece of advice for anyone who wants to be successful is to make a goal sheet and stick to it. Don’t ever give up. If you do something everyday and get paid for it, you can never be broke. 

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As for my goal, I want to become a billionaire and build companies I love to run. But right now, I’m having the best time in the fashion world!”

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