I’m a ‘traditional wife’ – I always have a full fridge of cold beer and dinner ready when my husband gets home from work | The Sun

WHILE many believe the stereotypical woman cooking for her husband idea is outdated, others say it’s what they do best.

One stay-at-home mom named Meredith King said she always ensures her husband has a cold beer and a homemade meal ready for him when he gets home from work – and some people are pressed about it.

Posting to her TikTok (@_meredithking), the housewife proudly shared her daily routine.

“Things I do as a traditional homemaker right before my husband comes home from work that just make sense,” she began.

The first thing on her list is to do some tiding up – specifically, vacuuming the kitchen.

Smiling in front of a mini fridge packed with cans of beer, she said she always double checks that there is enough cold beer waiting for him at the house.

But just in case he comes back from work in the mood for something “stronger,” she also cleans a bourbon glass so that he has an easy back up option.

To go with his beverage of choice, she ensures she has something tasty in the works: “Have dinner cooking or prepped (if I remember to thaw out meat).”

And lastly, so that he could kick his feet up and unwind, she makes sure to find the remote control to their living room television that her toddler probably misplaced earlier.

“Living that traditional wife life,” Meredith claimed, clearly proud of her marriage.

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Although she seemed to enjoy her day-to-day routine, some viewers couldn’t help but call her out for her role as a doting wife.

“I love my husband enough to not be his mom. Wtf,” one person wrote.

“Get a job,” added another.

Most of the comments, however, showed support for her choices.

“For many, this is how they show love and that they care for the other person. Not everyone has the same love language and that’s okay,” one person noted.

“The fact that people don’t WANT to do kind things for the person they love. Selfish society with failed relationships. Keep doing you,” added another.

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