I’m midsize and I always wear the same thing to flatter my body – it never gets old and works for any occasion | The Sun

A MIDSIZE influencer has shared her number one go-to outfit that never lets her down – a midi dress. 

TikTok user and fashion fanatic Steph, who runs her account under the name @midsizesteph, uploaded a video offering other women with a similar body shape her top tips and tricks. 

In the post captioned: “When midsize babes say they don’t know what to wear”, Steph can be seen showing off the essentials in her wardrobe – and they’re all exactly the same style. 

She then added: “The answer is always a midi dress.” 

Steph has previously opened up about her love of the simple outfit, joking that it’s a “love affair.”

She previously said: “Unpopular opinion but midi dresses are elite.”

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Steph then went on to open up about the exact reasons she can’t get enough of the flattering and easy to wear dress type.

She explained: “Not sure what to wear? Wear a midi. Hairy legs? Wear a midi? Bloated? Wear a midi.” 

Meanwhile, many of her posts are dedicated to the newest midi dresses on the block and if they’re worth purchasing or not.

And it seems Steph’s followers are equally into the midi dress – with many saying they’ve followed in her fashion footsteps and purchased a few staples. 

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One wrote: “Ooo I understand you. I buy 2 – 3 dresses every day. Love it!”

Another added: “They look so good but they’re low effort and soooo comfy.

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“No having to pair tops and bottoms, just chuck on a dress.”

While a third commented: “I am starting to do this!” 

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