I’m the CEO of bad lashes – please don’t wear strip lashes over extensions, it’s so dangerous & you WILL regret it | The Sun

HEADING to the beauticians comes at a price that many women are willing to pay for.

But most beauty treatments come with an aftercare package that you should follow – but sometimes many forget too.

But one beauty expert is emphasising just how important it is to follow these instructions – as you could end up with permanent damage. 

The beautician, who goes by the name of Ips beauty on TikTok, and specialises in lash extensions has urged clients to look after eyes after treatment. 

Filming a client, the beautician wrote: “Please don’t wear strip lashes over extensions.

“This glue residue from the strip lashes gets stuck in between the extensions.


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“It causes the lashes to stick together which can be really damaging for your natural lashes.

“When the extensions stick together they will fuse that way over time and grow out as one big clump.

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“And it will eventually become too heavy for the natural lashes to hold and snap off, taking your natural lash along with it.”

Many other beauty fans were shocked by the video she shared, and couldn’t believe it.

One wrote: “Oh well I learned something new.”

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Another added: “Why pay to get lash extensions and then place strips on top?”

A third said: “Did it once and honestly not worth it.”

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