I'm wrinkle free thanks to my 'nature's Botox' mocktail – it's just three ingredients and so delicious | The Sun

AN anti-aging dietician has found a way to reduce wrinkles in a more natural and tasty way – by drinking it.

Her age-defying Botox mocktail is not only much cheaper than injectables but also delicious.

"Make a batch of nature's botox," said Ilana Muhlstein (@nutritionbabe).

The registered dietician and cookbook author began crafting her three-ingredient cocktail by steeping some hibiscus tea.

According to the dietary guru, hibiscus has antioxidants that can help maintain the elasticity of our skin.

Next up, Ilana, who documents her 100-pound weight loss journey through the 2B mindset program she created, added another youth-boosting ingredient into the mix.

"I like to stir in collagen because while there's no scientific evidence, I definitely see an improvement in my skin and hair," she said.

That seemed to be enough proof for the Beverly Hills-based healthy eating pro.

The mom of three then poured some pomegranate molasses into a glass for some extra sweetness.

Aside from just the taste factor, she explained how the molasses offered a much-needed boost of Vitamin C.

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After pouring the youth-defying mixture from the pitcher into her glass, she added some citrus with an orange garnish.

All that was left to do was sit back, relax, and sip the wrinkles away.

Ilana, who has helped thousands of people lose weight and feel rejuvenated through her private practice, was already getting rave reviews.

"I drink this tea almost every night or morning. Thanks for the collagen tip! Can’t wait to try. Love all your posts," shared one grateful follower.

At least one viewer was interested in more than just the drink's age-defying benefits.

"Looks yummy," said one intrigued follower.

"So delicious," Ilana confirmed.

According to the website The Green People, hibiscus serves as a powerful anti-aging plant with a reputation for increasing skin elasticity.

Due to the plant's ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the skin's elastic, hibiscus is indeed an all-natural way of helping to slow the visible signs of aging.

It can also help firm and lift the skin.

The global Botox market remains a booming industry.

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Fortune Business Insights predicts that it is projected to grow from $7.49 billion this year to over $10 billion by 2030.

This staggering figure is supported by the fact that these injectables are administered to an estimated 11 million people worldwide.

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