Instagram Thrifting Is a Thing, and I Found the Best Places to Shop

Grape Embossed Wicker Box Purse

Online shopping has skyrocketed over the last year and a half due to obvious reasons (i.e. the pandemic that led to international city shutdowns). When it came to normal retailers it wasn’t that big of a change for me really, but the one thing that I actually did miss was thrifting. I’ve always been a lover of thrifted, vintage clothing and houseware. Knowing that you were able to discover something so unique that you’re unlikely to find in anyone else’s home or closet is a different kind of joy.

And of course, after mentioning the idea of online thrifting to a friend, online thrift stores and small businesses started cropping up on my Instagram explore page. (It’s like they’re listening or something.) I mean, I wasn’t complaining. I admit I went a little ham when I first discovered this new little world.

But, apparently, other people had already caught on to the trend. More and more shops began to emerge, and those small-business Instagram shops ranged from having just a few followers (like up-and-comers Upperline Vintage or Hey Nana) to hundreds of thousands (like Thriftwares). I even discovered some that had been around for years already.

Some of these vintage shops use Instagram as advertising for their domain site, while others literally have Instagram Stories sales and sell to the first person to inquire about an item. It’s a first-come, first-serve rat race out there! But the prize of items sourced from around the country — sometimes around the world — is worth it. Clothing, vintage glassware, furniture — you name it. It was all on my phone and just a click away. Take a look at some of these cool online thrift and vintage shops and shop my favorite pieces.

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