I've kept my hair blonde for 11 years WITHOUT a hairdresser & it only costs me £2 per year

FOR over a decade, this woman has been using the same hack to keep her hair blonde – and it’s insanely cheap.

Viewers can’t believe just how affordable the technique is – but it’s not for everyone.

Tiktok user Sarah Merri usually posts about her life as a GP, but this video is one of her most popular posts, as viewers can’t get over her “hair secret”.

The blonde reveals that she used to get her hair dyed professionally before discovering this genius trick.

She explains: “I did used to get my hair dyed professionally, and every time I went it would cost over £100.

“I was a student at the time and I couldn’t afford it.”

Now, she maintains her blonde look with Sun In, a spray-in hair lightener.

The product is available on Amazon for less than £20.

Though Sarah has kept her locks blonde using this hack for over ten years, she makes it clear that this technique is not for everyone.

“My hair is just not that important to me”, she explains.

Plus, her hair is naturally fair, so the product is able to lift the colour easily.

“I’m not suggesting anyone else should do this. I think it works for me because my natural hair colour is quite light anyway”, she says.

Some commenters are totally on board with her hair-lightening method.

“Looks FANTASTIC on you”, commented one impressed viewer.

Another wrote: “It looks so natural.”

“I have been doing the same for years”, one viewer said, promoting Sarah’s trusty technique. 

However, some commenters warned against using the spray-in colour lifter.

“Don’t dye your hair after using this! It will react”, warned one commenter.

A second wrote: “Please be careful using this girls!”

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