Mattress salesman blasted for BANNING women from paying with sweaty notes from their bras – who is in the right?

IN AN unexpected side-effect of the hot weather, a mattress salesman has been driven to ban women paying with sweaty notes stored in their bras.

A businessman, who self-styles as "Mattress Mick", has been slammed online for the decision.

As the temperatures continue to soar, it appears many women – perhaps in summer outfits that don't feature pockets – have been forced to carry cash tucked into their lingerie.

As a result, Dublin-based Michael Flynn issued the unusual notice in a post on Facebook.

He wrote: "An URGENT alert in our Coolock store.

"Due to [the] soaring heat wave across Dublin and ongoing safe trading with social distancing, we would urge all customers not to pay us from their bras and keep your euro notes in your purse or handbag at all times.

We would urge all customers not to pay us from their bras

"Yours, Mattress Mick."

The Irish salesman's warning accompanied a picture of a customer notice that had also been displayed in the store.

It read: "NO BRA MONEY. Due to increasing temperatures, and for our own personal safety, we will NOT be accepting any bra money.

"Sorry for any inconvenience."


The decision has caused a startled reaction from social media users.

One surprised woman wrote: "Who’d be wearing a bra in this weather?"

Another commented: "Personal Safety"! That's hilariously ridiculous. What do you think the € euro notes are gonna do to you…jump up and bite you on the neck.

"They aren't going to attack you. Chill."

A third shared: "Are you serious you clown. You don't wanna make money at all."

And a fourth added: "It's all money at the end of the day…I don't think you care that much as long as you are making an enormous profit."

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