Meghan Markle news – Hatred of Prince Harry & Duchess 'so strong they'd definitely be booed on Queen's Jubilee balcony'

HATRED of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is now so strong that they'd be 'definitely be booed' if they took part in the Queen's balcony appearance during her Jubilee celebrations, an expert has claimed.

The couple have drawn great criticism in the last few years, particularly related to how their behaviour has impacted the Queen.

Though the duke and duchess came to the UK to visit the monarch and some family prior to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands last month, they spend most of their time in the US.

It seems they're part of the 'naughty royals' group of three – the two of them and Prince Andrew, causing many to wonder what would happen if they were to join the main family during the jubilee.

The Express ran a survey with their readers to find out if they'd be booed and the results are damning.

An astounding 87% (35,230) of readers responded yes, they would boo while only 12% (4,822) said no and a further 1% (593) admitted they weren't sure.

Express columnist, Carole Malone sparked the poll, writing: "comparisons will be made that [Meghan, Harry and Prince Andrew] have disgraced the Royal Family, trashed its reputation and hurt people who did nothing to deserve it.

"And it’s a good thing they won't be on the balcony – it might have been the first time ever that a royal has been booed by the crowds."

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  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Meghan and Harry aren't wanted by the British public

    The Daily Express ran a survey to find out if they would be booed if they appeared with the rest of the family.

    During the Queen's birthday each year, the Royal Family typically congregate on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

    Meghan and Harry are flying their family over from the US for the Queen's Platinum jubilee celebrations, but they won't be on the balcony.

    And good thing too – according the the Daily Express, they'd be booed if they were there.

    The survey showed an overwhelming 87% of people would definitely boo. Only 1% of people said they weren't sure if they'd boo, while the remaining pitiful 4,822 people, out of a total 40,645, said they wouldn't.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Piers taunted by Denise Welch with a picture of Meghan

    Piers Morgan's been vocal about the end of his friendship with Meghan Markle.

    During the pandemic though, Morgan and loose woman, Denise Welch, first came to blows when Morgan mentioned her name when talking about 'covid deniers'.

    At the time, he said: "Dumb, deluded and dangerous Covid-deniers like Denise Welch need to stop being given air time."

    Since then, the two have been at odds leading Welch to taunt Piers today on Loose Women with a picture of her with Meghan Markle.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Meghan and Harry should be allowed to be part-time royals

    As we enter a time of change, the role of Harry and Meghan is being called into question.

    The time for Prince Charles to take to the throne will likely not be far from now.

    Many predict it won't be long for Prince William to then succeed him, and in recent years, Meghan and Harry have forced questions to be asked about the royal family suggesting change is required.

    But now, as they prepare to return to the UK for the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations, many wonder of they should be able to take on some of the royal family responsibilities, making them 'part-time royals.'

    The express has launched a poll – take your vote. Should they be allowed to be 'part-time royals'?

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Harry's memoir is unlikely to be scathing

    This Autumn is expected to bring us some interesting reads.

    Prince Harry's autobiography is set to be released later this year in October or November.

    It's reportedly been expected to include damning details of the royal family, leaving many of them hot and bothered in anticipation.

    But we're now told it's unlikely for it to be as scathing as we might expect.

    Kinsey Schofield told the Express: "I am certainly surprised by the decision and it makes me feel like Prince Harry’s book isn’t the scathing tell-all we feared."

    She went on: "Perhaps it’s just a book about a man who learned to live and love after the death of his mother. I’ve always hoped that it was more of a motivational book than a hit piece."

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Meghan Markle dismisses half-sister's claims

    Markle's half-sister has been very vocal about her dislike of the duchess.

    Samantha Markle, the older half-sister of Meghan Markle, filed a defamation lawsuit earlier in the year.

    The 57-year old filed in her complaint on March 3, that Meghan allegedly “published and disseminated false and malicious lies designed to destroy [her] reputation."

    On Friday, Meghan's team filed a motion to dismiss the case.

    It's been reported Samantha Markle's former legal team dropped her but she's since been taken on by a new legal firm, the Ticktin Law Group. It is currently representing former US president Donald Trump.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    Prince Charles need Meghan and Harry

    The Queen turning 96 has led many to talk of Prince Charles taking the throne.

    As the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend draws closer, the subject of Prince Charles taking the throne keeps coming up.

    But with things changing, there's worry he doesn't have the image required to stay popular.

    Tina Brown suggests he needs Meghan and Harry to improve his image and stay youthful: "My guess is Charles is really going to want them back – sort of need them back actually.

    "They had a young appeal that was very, very potent in the country."

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    James Corden told to stay in the the US

    It's known James Corden and Prince Harry are good friends.

    Corden recently announced his intent to return to the UK to spend more time with family.

    He's spoken publicly about his friendship with Prince Harry and in the wake of quitting the Late Late Show, how 'brave' his friend is.

    Unfortunately, this has backfired for the comedian the UK loves to hate. After saying he would 'always be in Meghan and Harry's corner', Martin Daubney, deputy leader of the Reclaim party, tweeted: "Please stay in their corner in the USA. Yours, Britain."

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

    'Didn't want to be on the balcony anyway'

    It's been confirmed the Duke and Duchess will be in the UK for the Queen's jubilee celebrations.

    Both Lilibet and Archie will be coming to the UK with their parents Meghan and Harry, but none of the family will be on the balcony during the Queen's jubilee celebrations.

    Along with Prince Andrew, the Sussexes are no longer main royals and so won't appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the rest of the family.

    But according to the Daily Mail, a friend and biographer of the pair, Omid Scobie, claims they didn't want to be on the balcony anyway: "Prince Harry had already spoken with his grandmother about the possibility of not attending Trooping the Colour long before last week's announcements."

    He reportedly said Harry is keen to attend the National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, though.

  • Ije Teunissen-Oligboh

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    More than 70 aircraft to take part in six-minute Platinum Jubilee flypast

    A six-minute flypast of more than 70 aircraft will complete the Queen's birthday parade as part of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

    Dozens of aircraft from the Royal Navy, the Army and Royal Air Force will soar over Buckingham Palace on Thursday June 2, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.

    The Queen is expected to watch the flypast from the palace balcony with other members of the royal family.

    The monarch has limited the Trooping The Colour balcony appearance to working members of her family, with the Duke of York and Duke and Duchess of Sussex missing out.

    Although they will not be on the balcony, Harry, Meghan and their children will attend the celebrations, but it is not known which elements of the four-day Jubilee weekend they could make an appearance at.

    Joining the Queen on the balcony for Trooping The Colour will be the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence.

    Also set to appear for the historic occasion will be Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and the Wessexes' children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

  • Joseph Gamp

    The Queen has been 'the constant heartbeat of the nation'

    The Queen appeared enthralled, showing gleeful smiles as her own horses were led around the open-air arena in Windsor to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee last night.

    TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh said: "For 70 years there has been one constant heartbeat of this nation, and that heart belongs to Her Majesty The Queen.

    "As commander and chief of the Armed Forces, head of the Commonwealth, leader of the nation we are proud to live in. We sometimes forget that our head of state is actually a person, feels as we do, enjoys the things we do, and is very much a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well as being our monarch."

    The ceremony paid tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh and his "love of carriage driving" as his grand-daughter Lady Louise Windsor drove his exercise carriage around the arena.

    Titchmarsh added: "One of Her Majesty's personal pleasures is horses and ponies in all their guises.

    "One thing the Queen takes great happiness from is her family's involvement in her love, whether it be racing, eventing, showing rare breeds or just riding out in Windsor great park."

  • Louis Allwood

    More about the Queen’s Jubilee flyover

    Earlier we reported that a six-minute flypast of more than 70 aircraft will complete the Queen’s birthday parade as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

    The MoD said more than 70 aircraft, including the Red Arrows and aircraft used by the UK Armed Forces on operations around the world, would take part in the flypast.

    This is more than three times the number which took part in the Queen’s last birthday parade flypast in central London in 2019.

    It will take six minutes to fly over the crowds on the Mall.

    The display will include helicopters from the Royal Navy and the Army and RAF aircraft recently seen responding to events in Kabul, Ukraine and the pandemic.

    Other elements will include highlights from the history of the RAF, including aircraft from the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

    The flypast will follow the Queen’s birthday parade, known as Trooping The Colour – a display of military pageantry involving 1,500 officers and soldiers and 250 horses from the Army’s Household Division on Horse Guards Parade.

    Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “I’m proud that the Armed Forces are leading the nation in celebration with such a spectacular display.

    “Throughout the Platinum Jubilee celebrations we will all enjoy the expertise, skill and talent of our Armed Forces as we celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne.”

  • Louis Allwood

    NEW Jubilee plans revealed with flypast

    DOZENS of aircraft’s from will soar over Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

    On the 2 June, The Queen‘s birthday will be celebrated with a six-minute flypast from more than 70 aircraft’s.

    Dozens of aircraft from the Royal Navy, the Army and Royal Air Force will soar over the Palace in London.

    The Queen is expected to watch the flypast from the palace balcony with other members of the royal family.

  • Louis Allwood

    Prince Charles ‘needs’ Prince Harry & Meghan Markle when becoming King

    PRINCE Charles will need Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when he becomes King, a royal expert claimed.

    The Prince of Wales is likely to want and need them because their young appeal is a “huge asset”, author Tina Brown added. 

    It comes after Britain got a glimpse of Charles’ reign as he stepped in for The Queen at Tuesday’s State Opening of Parliament.

    Ms Brown, speculating that Harry and Meghan could return to the Firm, said: “My guess is Charles is really going to want them back — sort of need them back actually — because Harry and Meghan were huge assets to the whole royal repertoire quite frankly.

    “They had a young appeal that was very, very potent in the country.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Serbia sung about Meghan during the Eurovision song contest

    Last night, the Eurovision song contest took place and saw Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra win the contest.

    Meanwhile, Meghan Markle received an unlikely shout-out at the Song Contest.

    Serbia's track “In corpore sano” from singer Konstrakta references Duchess in its opening lines – but that’s only the beginning of its hidden meaning.

    Within the song’s dark and ominous beat, the lyrics in question translate as: “What could be the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What could it be? I think it’s all about deep hydration. They say our skin and hair show it all.”

    Speaking at a press conference in Turin, Konstrakta explained the song is intended in part to reflect the “disorientation” people can feel about health.

    She said: “We’re all a little bit disoriented because of this great field of information offering us many, many opposite ways to be healthy. Behind all of that, there is a great field of consumption, you spend a lot of money to be healthy nowadays.

    “This is really a multi-layered song, you need to read the lyrics to dive into the meanings, and you can read it in many ways.”

    The Latin title of the song is a saying that translates as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

    Konstrakta explains: “It has a dual meaning. We are so much focused on a healthy body, and in a way, maybe mind is suffering. On the other hand, this field of mental health is another field of consumption opening.”

    She added: “In a way, everybody nowadays has an obsession with a healthy life, because we are living in such an atmosphere”.

    So, while hidden meaning in the track that may not be immediately obvious, if you listen to the lyrics again it becomes the opening lines are intended to parody the media’s fixation on celebrity.

  • Louis Allwood

    News about Meg & Harry you may have missed

    • Harry and Meghan told Queen they never wanted to be on palace balcony at Jubilee, pal claims
    • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry forced to pay £213,000 to charity as they settle final debts over Sussex Royal foundation
    • Meghan Markle ‘trampled on others to get to the top like a politician’ her biographer claims
    • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ‘too out of touch’ & ‘naive’ for Netflix after TV show snubbed, say TV sources

    Meghan & Harry 'need to top up brand with royalty' amid Jubilee visit

    A PR expert has said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "need to top up their brand with a little bit of royalty", following the news they will return to Britain for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

    Pauline Maclaran, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research at Royal Holloway, said Harry and Meghan need to maintain their royal connections so their brand in the US has a "competitive edge".

    The PR expert told "I think they really need to top up their brand with a little bit of royalty and reinforce their connections.

    "Of course, there are the family connections too and I'm sure the families do want some kind of reconciliation.

    "But I can't help but think Harry and Meghan are definitely trying to reinforce their brand with the royal connections and being part of these very crucial celebrations.

    "If Harry and Megan don't keep up the royal connections then really their brand in the US has not got a competitive edge to differentiate them more strongly from other celebrities."

    Here’s what Harry & Meghan’s home says about them

    Interior design expert Georgina Burnett, who has featured on This Morning and vlogs for The Home Genie, lifts the lid on what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's choice of decor say about them.

    • 'Showy' study – Meghan, 40, treated us to a look inside her home office on her 40th birthday last year, when she launched a new charity initiative.
      But Georgina points out that the study looks more for show than a place where actual work happens. For a start, Meghan's laptop is positioned on a towering pile of books.
    • 'Need for control' – Georgina says the artwork in the study is "hung with perfect symmetry" usually intimates "a need to be in control".
    • 'Missing home' – Harry's Apple TV series – The Me You Can't See – about mental health revealed another of the couple's lounges. Georgina suggests the room's dark wood furnishings are comforting for Harry as they're more in-keeping with the type of homes he grew up in across the pond.
    • Escapism – A scene from the couple's explosive interview with Oprah in March 2021 showed them in their garden – in particular their chicken coop.
      Georgina suggests this is a place in their home where the couple come to "get away from it all".

    Read the article in full here.

    Meghan and Harry 'would never shine' in UK

    A royal commentator has claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would "never shine" as full-time working members of the Royal Family.

    This would be down to the Firm's structure.

    Royal author Ian Lloyd, the author of the biography 'The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II', told "The problem with being the second is that you grow up with your sibling and you are equal – Diana treated Harry and William as equals, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth treated Elizabeth and Margaret like equals when they were children.

    "But then what happens is that when the older one becomes sovereign or the heir it feels the second sibling more or less disappears."

    Speaking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's possible future position within the Firm, Lloyd added: "There is no obvious role and I think Meghan thought she could come in and make a role and sort of take on the Royal Family but the Palace and the organisation won't do that.

    "They only ever support the heir and spare, so Meghan and Harry would never shine in this country."

    Plan for 'high tea' birthday party for Lilibet

    Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's are planning a "high tea" birthday party for Lilibet as she is set to turn one.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's daughter celebrates her first birthday on June 4.

    Fans of the couple – the Sussex Squad – shared plans on Twitter for a virtual "high tea" party to celebrate the special occasion.

    One Twitter user posted: "#SussexSquad Breaking News! Lilibet Diana’s Birthday Party has been changed to a High Tea Birthday Party! So save the date and get your tea sets and fascinators ready!"

    Harry & Meg told Queen they never wanted to be on palace balcony

    HARRY and Meghan told the Queen they never wanted to be on the Buckingham Palace balcony at her Platinum Jubilee, a pal claims.

    But the couple did insist on attending Her Majesty’s Thanksgiving Service.

    The Queen, 96, controversially ordered that only working royals could appear on the balcony on June 2 — ruling out Harry and Meghan.

    But the pair’s biographer and pal Omid Scobie, author of Finding Freedom, denied they were “cut” from the balcony line-up and Trooping the Colour, which marks the monarch’s birthday.

    Writing for Yahoo news, Scobie said Harry had “spoken with his grandmother about the possibility of not attending Trooping the Colour long before last week’s announcements”.

    The Sussexes thought it “inappropriate” to appear at the “balcony moment” as they were no longer working royals, he added.

    But they were “keen” to be part of the Jubilee and to attend the service on June 3.

    • Louis Allwood

      SHOCK claims Charles 'will need' Meg & Harry when he's King

      MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are 'huge assets' to the royal family, and when Prince Charles becomes King he 'will need' them back, claims a royal author.

      On this week’s episode of “Royally Obsessed,” Tina Brown, author of the new book The Palace Papers said: “My guess is Charles is really going to want them back—sort of need them back, actually—because Harry and Meghan were huge assets to the whole royal repertoire, quite frankly.

      “They had a young appeal that was very, very potent in the country.”

      Backing Ms Brown's claims, Kinsey Schofield, royal expert and founder of, told the Express that Charles has a “very soft heart” and is “anxious to start the healing process” with Harry.

      “I think he’s desperately in love with Prince Harry—he loves Prince Harry,” she says.

      “He doesn’t like his actions, but Prince Harry is his DNA, and he does hurt when they’re not talking, he does hurt when things aren’t on the right path, and I think he’s anxious to start the healing process. I think that Prince Charles is very forgiving.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Harry warned he could become ‘just another foreign prince’ by royal expert

      Prince Harry has been warned that his actions could lead to the British people seeing him as something of a stranger.

      Author of the newly-released biography ‘The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II’, and photographer Ian Lloyd told “It’s a shame because he has got the Invictus Games and quite a lot going for him.

      “But I think he is in danger of evaporating.

      “He and Meghan haven’t had the great launch in America we were expecting, they promised a lot and so far nothing much has happened.

      “And I think they will soon realise that with Netflix and other deals it is just people ultimately wanting to trade on their royal status.”

      Harry’s time in the US has been a fractious one, with neither the British or American people warming to him and Meghan.

      Lloyd continued: “If he does distance himself from the Royal Family that brand will eventually be damaged, he will be just another foreign prince.

      “He needs to be working in close ties with the Royal Family to heal the divisions to strengthen his own brand.”

    • Louis Allwood

      Duke and Duchess of Sussex to return to Frogmore Cottage for Jubilee

      As we approach Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, the Daily Mail has reported that Sussexes will return to their England home for the celebration.

      Currently, the cottage in Windsor is lived in by Princess Eugeine, her husband and their son August.

      Excitement is rapidly building for the Jubilee, over 70,000 Jubilee Lunches are planned to take place across cities and towns throughout Britain.

      Many had reported that Harry and Meghan would never return to the cottage when they made the decision to move to LA.

      However, news emerged earlier this year that they had renewed the lease on the property.

    • Louis Allwood

      Jubilee plan to pull monarchy back from crisis

      A royal commentator has claimed that the The Queen “wants peace within her family” before Prince Charles takes to the throne.

      This is the reason why Prince Harry and Meghan are returning for her Jubilee celebrations to act upon her “sentimental wish”.

      Kinsey Schofield, the founder of Los Angeles-based royals site, told “I know that some royal watchers are angry about these new developments but this is very likely the Queen’s sentimental wish.

      “I firmly believe that she wants peace within the family before Prince Charles becomes King.

      “I know she is eager to meet her great-granddaughter so this should be a special time for her.”

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