Mortified woman resorts to scrubbing her super-dark eyebrows with a TOOTHBRUSH after falling asleep with brow tint on

THIS woman got a nasty shock after waking up to find she had left her eyebrow tint on during a nap.

Tiktok user Ciara had to think fast to deal with the brow tint, which was stubbornly stuck to her skin.

In the viral clip, Ciara shows her stunned reaction when she wipes away her eyebrow tint with a damp cotton pad and the tint doesn’t budge at all.

“It normally comes off with one swipe of water”, she explains, as she tries to rub the tint away from her brows.

To her horror, the brows stay put no matter how hard she scrubs.

“Why aren’t they coming off? Wtf?”, she says.

Even when she applies soap, her brows stay the exact same.

Unfortunately for Ciara, this approach doesn’t work at all. 

“I thought soap might help. Nope. Help me”, she says.

Thinking on her feet, Ciara comes up with a genius strategy to deal with the disastrous tint.

She explains: “I resorted to scrubbing them with soap and a toothbrush.”

While she’s scrubbing at her brows with a toothbrush, Ciara explains that the brow tint wasn’t just left on too long, but she thinks it’s also out of date.

The unorthodox toothbrush-scrubbing approach proves to be a huge success, and Ciara’s brows end up looking full and fluffy.

But, as Ciara says, the process was a “journey”.

Commenters were super impressed with how Ciara managed to keep her cool and come up with a solution.

One commenter wrote: “I would’ve immediately started crying after the first wipe and thought my entire life was over”

Another viewer also said they would have “got a heart attack” in Ciara’s position.

“WHY AND HOW ARE YOU SO CALM”, wrote one amazed commenter.

Though Ciara admits she was “sore for a few days” after scrubbing her brows, her viewers agree that her brows looked great in the end.

“They looked so good at the end though”, wrote one commenter, while a second said: “Ended up banging though.”

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