Mum feels like a 'moron' after it takes her ‘4 years’ to work out what the holes in the side of kids’ car seats are for

WE'RE often so used to doing things a certain way that we fail to realise there's often a better way – or perhaps even the right way.

This very thing happened to one mum who only just worked out what the holes in the side of her kid's car seat are for – and now she feels like a "moron".

For four whole years the Australian woman has been struggling to "wrestle" her young tot into the seat while attempting to pull the "straps out from under bums".

Now she knows that the buckles can be put inside to holes, keeping them well out of the way.

Her particular seat is the Britax Safe and Sound Kid Guard Pro which doesn't appear to be available in the UK.

But many other car seats have something similar for the same reason.

How to fit a car seat:

  • You must deactivate any front-facing airbags before fitting a rear-facing baby seat
  • You must not use side-facing seats
  • The seat must either have its own diagonal strap, be designed for use with a lap seat belt, or be fitted with ISOFIX anchor points
  • ISOFIX anchors the child’s chair to the car’s back seat. There are three ISOFIX points – two metal bars at the base, and a top tether or support leg
  • Make sure the seat itself is fitted as securely as possible, with no excessive movement
  • Make sure the seat's buckle is clear of its frame – because otherwise it could snap open if you have an accident
  • With babies, harnesses should be pulled tight, with no more than two fingers' space under the shoulder straps at the collarbone

"I am feeling like a complete moron, only taken me four and a half years of wrestling the bloody straps out from under bums," the mum said as she posting pictures of her seats on Facebook.

And she wasn't the only one blown away by the revelation as other parents were just as surprised as her.

"Five kids and 15 years and I am dumbfounded," one mum said. 

Another mum suggested that the holes also stop the metal from getting hot in the sun.

She said: "It keeps them out of the sun more on the sides so they don't get hot and burn the kiddies."

Other parents said some car seats have clips rather than holes, while others might have fabric loops, magnets or hooks – but they all do the same thing.

One mum joked that her daughter, who was six at the time, showed her the hack 11 years ago.

"I was like 'what are you doing' her response was 'obviously these are here to hold them mum' and from that day forward I knew I was raising a genius prodigy of some kind," she laughed.

It seems some parents were already aware of it though and urged mums to "read instructions" and "pay attention to symbols".

It's also important to be aware of the UK guidelines surrounding car seats for kids – and who is required to use one.

While not all car seat designs have this option, it's definitely worth checking out yours, or reading the instruction manual to find out.

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