CONSIDERING how we send out copies to just about everyone we know, it's important to nail the kids' outfit when school picture day rolls around.

In other words, it's NOT the day to dress them in a rather rude T-shirt… but unfortunately for one mum, she didn't realise until it was far too late.

Sharing her experience on TikTok, mum Paige explained how she completely forgot what day it was and sent her two-year-old daughter to nursery in a slogan top with 'Sasshole' written on the front.

But to make matters worse, Paige's daughter unwittingly covered the "S" with arm as she posed for her picture.

Paige captioned the clip: "If you ever thought you were a bad mom.

"At least you didn't forget picture day, and send your toddler to nursery in this."

Luckily for Paige, the photographer probably sensed that the T-shirt wouldn't go down well with the family and took a few side-on shots too.

What's more, the video has been viewed over 11 MILLION times on TikTok – needless to say, it kicked off a debate in the comments.

One replied: "Bad mom… or mom of the year? I'm going with the second one!"

Another added: "You MUST show these at her wedding."

A third wrote: "That photographer knew what they were doing!"

However, others took issue with the T-shirt and argued that Paige shouldn't have sent her daughter into school in it.

Another asked: "Why would you even get a kid that shirt in the first place?"

Meanwhile, a second critic replied: "Why would you ever send your toddler to school with that on?

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