PACKING a nutritious lunch for your children, which includes food they will actually eat, is an uphill battle.

One mum found herself facing a new lunchtime dilemma when her three-year-old's teacher stepped in to criticise her food choices.

The stunned parent opened her child's lunchbox only to find a note shaming her for the sweet treat she gave her little one.

The note read: "Your child has a chocolate slice from the Red Food category. Please choose healthier options for Kindy."

The mum's friend, Australian writer, Melinda Tankard Reist, uploaded the picture to Facebook with a scathing response.

She said: "My friend (mother of eight healthy children, what follows relating to number seven) received this today from her three-year-old's [kindergarten].


"I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost."

She explained that her friend has a degree in health science and provides her children with beautiful freshly made food regularly.

The note refers to the traffic light system for food where green is the healthiest foods, amber is for foods that should be eaten in moderation and red are unhealthy foods.

The Facebook post accumulated more than 3,000 likes and many other parents were quick to share in the outrage.

One said: "Looks like someone had nothing better to do with their time then to go on a lunchbox inspection. What's next? That she's gonna decide when the kids may take a breath?"

Another said: "I'd write a note to the teacher – I'm responsible for feeding my child… you're responsible for educating him/her. Enjoy your day!"

But one woman who works as an early child educator defended the parent's decision.

She said: "We have to conform to certain regulations regarding what food children are served while attending the service.

"We can actually lose our accreditation if an inspection happens and we are not adhering to those guidelines!"

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