Mum reveals ‘mind blowing’ bin hack she learnt from hospital cleaners – it makes emptying your rubbish easier & quicker | The Sun

EMPTYING your rubbish bins isn’t the most thrilling of chores, but one mum has taken to TikTok to share her simple hack for making this tedious task much easier and quicker.

Leah Itsines was left mind-blown when she discovered there’s a quick hack that speeds up the process when it comes to emptying your rubbish bin.

Not only this, but it completely eliminates that annoying feeling of going to put something in the bin hours after emptying it, only to discover you forgot to put a new bin bag in.

The TikToker discovered the clever hack after a recent stay in hospital and couldn’t wait to share it with her followers. 

She said she was "mind-blown" when she saw what the cleaning staff did with the bin in her room and couldn’t believe she had never thought of it before.

The mum, who posts under the username @leahitsines, explained: "I'm in a hospital room and I can't talk very loud because my daughter is sleeping. 

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"But the cleaner came in and changed the bin and I went to go and put something in the bin after and I just realised they have the best hack I've ever seen. 

“I'm sitting here thinking, 'Did I know that before, or am I just mind-blown?'"

So, instead of pulling one bin liner from the roll and opening it up inside the bin, the cleaning staff simply left the whole roll of bin bags at the bottom of the bin.

Therefore, when the bin bag in use was full, all they would need to do is tie up the top and tear it away from the roll – with the next bag already in the bin ready to go.

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Leah continued: "They literally put the entire roll in here, and they just [open the top one]. 

“You put things in there, and then when you're done, you just get the bin liner and [tear it off]. Done.

"I can't believe it! Why do we sit there and get each individual bag? 

“Why? What's the point when you can just do that?"

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Leah's video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up 78.7k views.

It has 4,440 likes, 84 comments and 266 shares.

Many TikTokers were left blown away with the hack and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: "Another new thing I have learned from TikTok!"

Another commented: “How am I 27 and still learning how to adult.” 

A third added: “Genius.” 

However, not everyone was as keen on the idea.

One TikToker stated: “Until something leaks and the whole roll gets wet.” 

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Another joined in: “What about the times you get bin juice??” 

A third said: “Yeah, nah! In theory is good but takes one leak and game over.” 

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