Mum slammed for ‘hungry’ five-year-old’s packed lunch – so can you tell why?

A MUM has shown off her "hungry" five-year-old's packed lunch, but been slammed for the contents.

The lovingly-prepared school meal contains omelette, strawberries, cold meats, grated cheese and a chocolate chip muffin – and her fellow parents weren't very impressed.

Writing on Facebook, the mum explained: "Mr 5 is still hungry after eating a four-egg omelette and asked for a lunchbox. This kid is going to eat me poor."

But others hit back: "Looks like a lot of processed food, maybe that's the reason?"

Parents were worried the sugary carbs would give her lad a hit of energy but leave him feeling tired afterwards.

The lunchbox contains mini marshmellows and sugary sprinkles on the strawberries.

Her fellow mums suggested: "Maybe try more complex carbs and proteins" and "Try omitting the sprinkles and adding chia seeds and maybe some coconut."

Others said the lad just needs a bigger breakfast. "My daughter is constantly hungry and will often eat three serves of dinner," said one woman.

"Perhaps try oats or Weetbix with yoghurt and then the omelette. I've found this helps my daughter get through the morning better than one or the other."

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