Mum splashes £800 on Christmas gifts for her 3-year-old daughter filling THREE trollies & gets savaged for spoiling her

YOU can argue that Christmas only comes around once a year, so spoiling your kids with mountains of presents is acceptable.

But one mum, who has already finished shopping for her three-year-old daughter, may have taken things too far – and people reckon the young tot is way too spoiled.

The super organised mum loaded up three full-size trolleys with toys as she took advantage of huge sales at an Australian department store.

The Australian woman shared pictures of her ginormous shop online revealing that she spent a huge $1,500 (£800) – just on her daughter.

Proud of her efforts, she boasted about her daughter's Christmas presents online, but parents were not at all impressed, Mail Online reports.

"Three trolleys later and my $1,500 online order, I'm going to have one happy little girl," she wrote in a Facebook group.

Admitting she is a "crazy Christmas mum," the eager shopper encouraged others to share their own massive hauls- but people were quick to criticise her.

"This is way too much… kids need to learn to appreciate their toys and by giving them this much, it won't teach her that," one mum wrote.

Another woman reportedly said: "You won't ever catch me spending $1,500 on my daughter when toys are a five minute wonder and get thrown to the side after a week. Let alone brag about it when most parents can't afford stuff like that."

One mum even said she used to do the same but "if I could turn back the clock, I would have spent less money on rubbish toys."

Instead, she suggested spending the money on "holidays and giving my kids quality time" – and many others agreed.

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Some parents even accused the mum of bragging, with many pointing out that "not everyone can afford to spend that much money."

"Not to mention that's just ridiculous for one child," one person added.

"How to raise a child that will never appreciate small handmade or delicate gifts 101 or the value of money."

It wasn't all bad news though as some jumped to the mum's defence, and insisted those "whinging" were just jealous.

Admitting she spoils her two girls for birthdays and Christmas, one mum shot back: "If you are making assumptions that spoiling your child makes them a brat, then that's on you."

Agreeing, another chimed: "Lucky little girl. If you have nothing nice to say, scroll on. You are all acting like jealous children."

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