My boyfriend jokingly gave me a pregnancy test after noting I’d ‘gained weight’ & our surprise baby came 5 weeks later

WHEN it comes to offensive things a boyfriend can say to their girlfriend, "you've gained weight" is probably top of the list.

But what began as a joke for 32-year-old Kirsty Pearce quickly became reality, when the pregnancy test her other half persuaded her to do came back positive.

After the test, Kirsty and boyfriend Matt Sylvester went to the doctors, and were stunned to be told that she was already 33 weeks pregnant.

"At first, we were a bit shocked to be honest because we were not expecting a baby," Matt told local newspaper the Lowestoft Journal.

The couple, who are already parents to nine-year-old daughter Jessica, welcomed son Jake Pearce into the world just five weeks later – two hours after Kirsty's waters broke.

Things began in October, when Matt encouraged Kirsty to do the test after noticing that she'd gained "a bit of weight".

"In early October, it looked like Kirsty was putting on a bit of weight," Matt said.

"So as a joke we all got her to take a pregnancy test. She took the pregnancy test and it turned out she was actually pregnant.

"We then quickly went for a scan at the hospital and we were told that Kirsty was actually 33 weeks pregnant."

And the news wasn't just a shock for Kirsty and Matt – as their nearest and dearest also struggled to come to terms with the thought of a new arrival.

"Most of our friends and family thought we were just joking around with them and a lot didn't believe us until Jake was born," Matt explained.

"We had five weeks to sort everything out which was a bit of a rush but we got there eventually."

Baby Jake is now settling in well at home and Kirsty and Matt are "looking forward to raising him".

He's also gained weight, and is now 8lb 4oz – compared to the 7lb 15oz he was at birth.

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