My lazy girl mowing hack saves me time and effort – people have concerns but I'm not worried about 'dumb regulations' | The Sun

A HOUSE owner with a relaxed attitude to gardening swears her lazy girl mowing hack has saved her time and effort.

She acknowledged that it might concern others, but she wasn't worried about abiding by what she called dumb regulations.

There was no doubt her backyard had not seen a lawnmower in a long time.

But this lady did not appear to be remotely bothered about its appearance.

In fact, she seemed to positively revel in its wild abandon.

Shana (@crazysexydivorce) smiled widely as she showed viewers her relaxed style of gardening.

This post was all about just "letting nature do its thing.”

In her video, she emerged through her back door to survey her property and captioned the screen: “People who mow the lawn in their backyard.”

Shana, however, did very little lawn upkeep on her watch. The camera swung around to reveal the results of her efforts.

A clipped, green lawn wasn't one of them, but she was very happy with her patch of green.

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“Love my Californian poppies," she said of the orange flowers that seemed to grow in profusion.

One commenter wished she could follow her lead and ignore her backyard too: “I wish I could but ‘regulations,'” she moaned.

"Those dumb regulations," was Shana's response.

But many others thought she was doing a good job for nature.

“The bees and the other critters will say ‘thank you,'" was the opinion of another person.

Another viewer admired her work: “Got your own super bloom going on," they said.

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