My neighbours won’t talk to me because I’m not posh enough for them…I got a cheeky sign to show them EXACTLY how I feel | The Sun

THERE’S nothing more awkward than having neighbours that you don’t get on well with.

Whether they argue about the bins, always steal your car parking space, or just get on your nerves, it can be quite difficult and uncomfortable to deal with.

But one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that she has a slightly odd relationship with her neighbours – and it’s not because she plays music too loud or has children that scream the house down.

Heidi McDonald explained on social media that she doesn’t speak to her neighbours and claims it is because she isn’t ‘posh’ enough for them.

Heidi doesn’t explain what she does to make her neighbours think this, and she also doesn’t include any further information on what her neighbours have said to her in the past, but she claims that they don’t have a relationship. 

In her video we see the mum in her garden dancing around, as she claimed: “When the neighbours don’t talk because we are not posh.”

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But Heidi wanted to prove to her neighbours that she isn’t what they might think about her, so came up with a savvy solution to take a poke at them. 

Heidi got a wooden sign printed with a message for her neighbours, to take a cheeky swipe back at them. 

Heidi shows off her sign that reads “Maybe not as posh…but considerably wealthier…” 

The mum shows her dancing around in her garden as she pretends to wave to her neighbours, in attempt to make light of the awkward situation.

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Heidi’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up 36.6k views and 1,330 likes.

TikTok users found Heidi’s sign response hilarious, with many commenting laughing emojis on her video. 

People took to the comments to praise Heidi’s clever idea, whilst others revealed that they also have similar neighbours.  

One person said: “Love this! I might get one that says…. "we might be skint but we own ours”. 

Another added: “YESSSSSSS!!!!!” 

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A third commented: “Love this! No one actually wants to be in that posh perfect cult anyway”.

Someone else claimed: “Sounds like mine”. 

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