People are baffled about this unusual living room decor, so can YOU spot what’s different about this photo?

IT LOOKS like any ordinary shelf in any normal living room – but there's something very different about this decor.

Thousands of social media users have been wowed by the strangely perfect-looking bird of paradise plant.

And, if you look closely, you'll realise that its deep green leaves and orange flowers are not actually real.

Because the plant is made entirely out of…LEGO.

As part of the brand's 'botanical collection' aimed at adults, you can now create a very realistic version of the South African tropical plant in the comfort of your home.

The 1,173-piece set will set you back £89.99 – and, we're guessing by the complexity of it, hours of fun.

But, as impressed Facebook users pointed out when the Australian branch of the brand unveiled the product, you'll save plenty of time on watering.

One person joked: "And when the dust gets too thick, just rinse it off under the tap – at last, the perfect plant!"

Another teased: "Looks good and it won’t die."

A third shared: "Probably the only thing that would survive my care!"

And a fourth, smartly, added: "If we ever have to go into lockdown again?"

You can also get your hands on a flower bouquet and bonsai tree from LEGO's range.

According to the LEGO website "unlike a real flower, this plant doesn’t need watering – making it a top gift idea for plant lovers.

"The flowers and leaves can be repositioned, allowing you to style the plant to create your own unique Bird of Paradise display."

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