People are only just finding out that ice rinks aren’t really white – and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

IT’S somewhere most of us have visited at some point in our lives, but people are only just discovering the truth about ice rinks.

One man shared how he’d recently found out that the ice isn’t actually white at all and is painted to make it look that way – and now others’ minds have also been blown by his revelation. 

TikTok user TJ Counseling, whose profile is @tjcounseling, shared a clip on his account of an ice rink covered in grey or black ice.

It then showed how a team of workers paint the ice white to give it that gleaming sparkle we’re all familiar with – just one of the techniques that can be adopted ot make it white.

As the action played out behind him, TJ was seen reacting to the video, which left him open-mouthed. 

He wrote alongside it: “I was today years old when I learned that ice rinks are painted white…”

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He also added: “Never stop learning, I guess? Who her knew that ice rinks were PAINTED white?”

After TJ posted the video he was met with countless responses from people who said they had had no idea before he told them.

One wrote: “My son has played hockey for 10 years and I didn’t know this.

“I thought the floor underneath the ice was white and it just showed through.”

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A second said: “It seems so obvious but my husband I are still blown away.

“Yeah, of course it’s painted, ice isn’t white… but it’s still shocking.”

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While a third person waded in to say: “When you think about it it makes sense but I would’ve NEVER expected it.”

While others said they hadn’t twigged in the past.

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